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With 10 years of experience in venture fertilization, constantly improving services and 90% success rate, we host hundreds of patients from China, USA, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Israel, Georgia, UK, India and many more countries every year. We have direct connections with leading clinics in Georgia and Cyprus. Here are both Georgian and foreign doctors and professors who are recognized throughout the world.

We offer World Standards for Infertility Diagnostics and Treatment, egg donation and surrogacy programs for couples and single patients, HIV patients, gender selection and genetic screening of embryos (PGS), Legalized Contracts System, Individual coordinator for every patient, complete confidentiality and modern comfort conditions, legally flexible environment.

We offer an excellent database of surrogate mothers and egg donors. No waiting line! Although we are based in Tbilisi, Georgia, our surrogates are ready to fly abroad for delivery, as well as donors from Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey are engaged in travelling programs in Cambodia, Thailand and China.

Dedicated and experienced team is ready for face to face meeting, assist in selecting appropriate program for you and lead whole process transparently providing all reports of checkings. Your success is our main goal!

Contact us right now and get detailed information about programs, legal side, medical part. We make your journey unforgettable with comfortable and family atmosphere!

Guaranteed programs

We are proud to offer affordable and guaranteed programs to our patients. Our programs is designed to give you the peace of mind you need to know that your dreams of parenthood will finally come true, no matter how many attempts it may take.

With comprehensive care for all parties involved, highly skilled and experienced medical professionals, and the latest and greatest in modern medical technologies, we are excited to offer parents from around the world the solution they have been searching for to finally make their dreams of parenthood become reality.

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Miracle Baby Surrogacy

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    Surrogacy for Single Men in Cyprus

    Not every man is legally married to a woman, but this should not deprive him of the happiness of becoming a father. If you want a baby to be genetically yours, single father surrogacy is the best possible option for single man.

    What are the options for having a family as a single dad?
    If you decide to build your family through surrogacy, you will need to select the most appropriate donor from our database, who will provide the eggs to conceive your child, while our staff will make sure to find a healthy and qualified surrogate mother for your program.

    Intended Parents

    Miracle Baby Surrogacy serves intended parents from all over the world. We work with a wide range of patients, including couples, single men and woman, Same-sex couples, HIV positive patients. We provide our customers with comfort and reliability. During the whole period of our cooperation they are surrounded by care and understanding.

    We work with everyone individually and take everyone’s problems to heart. You get a full range of services. The doctor’s talent, the work of service management and the skills of lawyers – everything works for results. You trust us to find the solution of your problems, and as a result, you embody the dream of a child in life.

    Travelling Donors & Surrogates

    “Miracle Baby Surrogacy” has established large, comprehensive egg donor database that includes donors from locations such as Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Thailand, China, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Egg Donors are highly educated and healthy young women between the ages of 18 and 30, with no genetic or hereditary illnesses. Our egg donors are willing to travel if the need arises. They mostly travel to our clinics in Thailand, Cambodia, Cyprus, China and to our partner clinics in different parts of the world.

    Our surrogates can spend 7 months in Georgia and last 2 months they are ready to fly in any country according to intended parents’ wish for delivery.

    Miracle Baby Surrogacy Videos

    “Miracle Baby Surrogacy” continuously shares informative surrogacy videos. 

    “Miracle Baby Surrogacy” continuously shares informative surrogacy videos. 

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