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+10 years experience, guaranteed programs, egg donation and surrogacy programs for couples and single patients...

Surrogacy in Colombia
With 10 years of experience in venture fertilization, constantly improving services and 90% success rate, we host hundreds of patients from China, USA, Turkey, Japan, Germany, Israel, Georgia, UK, India and many more countries every year.

We have direct connections with leading clinics in Georgia and Cyprus. Here are both Georgian and foreign doctors and professors who are recognized throughout the world.

We offer World Standards for Infertility Diagnostics and Treatment, egg donation and surrogacy programs for couples and single patients, HIV patients, gender selection and genetic screening of embryos (PGS), Legalized Contracts System, Individual coordinator for every patient, complete confidentiality and modern comfort conditions, legally flexible environment.

We offer an excellent database of surrogate mothers and egg donors. No waiting line! Although we are based in Tbilisi, Georgia, our surrogates are ready to fly abroad for delivery, as well as donors from Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey are engaged in traveling programs in Cambodia, Thailand, and China.

The dedicated and experienced team is ready for a face-to-face meeting, assists in selecting the appropriate program for you, and leads the whole process transparently providing all reports of checkings. Your success is our main goal!

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