Mithat Kucukakcali
Founder and CEO
Izi Butskhrikidze
Ekaterine Qurdovanidze
Scarlet Wang
Travelling Donor Coordinator
Tanny Osman
International Operations Manager
Lela Ozbegashvili
Pregnancy Care Manager


Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine "ReproArt"

The ReproART Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine opened in July 2012. The clinic’s key directions include diagnosing and treating all types of infertility, including the advanced use of in vitro fertilization (IVF). ReproART operates in every area of female and male reproductive health.

Innova Georgia

The clinic of reproductive health and in vitro fertilization “Innova In Vitro” was established in 2016 in partnership with IVI, the world’s largest network of assisted reproduction clinics. Complete diagnostics and management of all infertility abnormalities pursuant to proven international standards is the key priority of the clinic. Specialists of the Clinic, in collaboration with IVI, take an integrated approach to the treatment of infertility including complex diagnostics and counseling services. Highly trained experts in the field of Gynecology, Biology, Genetics and Surgery with 18 year in vitro fertilization experience form a medical team of Innova Clinic.

Vita Altera

Vita Altera IVF Center, in Northern Cyprus, is an IVF clinic, which provides the most successful service in reproductive medicine with its team of experts and safe and reliable technology (Embryoscope+ equipment and Chip ID Security System which is the FIRST and ONLY in Northern Cyprus). The clinic determines treatment methods based on the diagnosis without compromising quality in line with ethical values and provides patients with a comfortable treatment process with a professional team who have vast experience.