September 10, 2023

The Vital Role of Fertility Clinics in Surrogacy Success

In the realm of assisted reproductive technologies, the success of surrogacy hinges on a pivotal player that often operates behind the scenes: fertility clinics. Beyond the clinical setting, these institutions serve as the cornerstone of surrogacy success, employing advanced technologies […]
August 15, 2023

How Technological Advancements in IVF are Revolutionizing Surrogacy?

In recent years, technological advancements in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) have ushered in a new era of possibilities for surrogacy, igniting a profound transformation in the journey to parenthood. With these cutting-edge innovations, the landscape of surrogacy has been reshaped, […]
July 10, 2023

The Power of Support Network in Surrogacy

The power of a strong support network cannot be overstated when it comes to surrogacy. Surrounding yourself with the love, guidance, and expertise of family, friends, and professionals can make a significant difference in your surrogacy journey. Engaging with support […]
June 16, 2023

Genetic Screening and Embryo Selection in Surrogacy

With advancements in reproductive technologies, genetic screening and embryo selection have become increasingly significant in ensuring a healthy and successful surrogacy journey. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of PGS/PGD in surrogacy and how it contributes to […]
May 23, 2023

Low Cost Surrogacy: 7 Expert Tips for Reducing Your Surrogacy Expenses

Surrogacy can be an expensive option for building your family, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share seven expert tips for reducing the cost of surrogacy without compromising on quality or safety. Whether […]
April 17, 2023

A Miracle of Science: The Wonders of In Vitro Fertilization for Surrogacy

In vitro fertilization (IVF) has been a game-changer, revolutionizing the field of surrogacy. This medical marvel is a widely used assisted reproductive technology (ART) today, offering couples an opportunity for parenthood in the face of infertility and broadening the horizons […]
March 21, 2023

5 Key Points to Becoming A Surrogate Mother

Becoming a surrogate mother is a unique and rewarding experience both emotionally and financially. It offers an incredible opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life, as well as your own. But it is also no small undertaking. it’s […]
February 27, 2023

A Guide to Same Sex Surrogacy

Same sex surrogacy is an increasingly popular way for gay couples to have children. It’s an empowering experience that can help same sex couples find the family they have always wanted. Surrogacy can offer same sex couples the opportunity to […]
February 10, 2023

Georgian Laws About Surrogacy

Surrogacy in Georgia is legal and regulated by the Law of Georgia on Reproductive Medicine and Health. Surrogacy laws in Georgia are very favorable for those who choose to use surrogacy as a family-building option. Georgia’s surrogacy laws are designed […]
May 9, 2022

Understand all the Key Elements of Surrogacy in Colombia!

Over the past few years, surrogacy has gained prominence while providing a big ray of hope to most of the child seeking parents. While few nations have prohibited their citizens from seeking any kind of surrogacy arrangement, a more flexible […]
April 29, 2022

Pre-Requisites for Intended Parents during Surrogacy in Cyprus!

Surrogacy is a thrilling, life-changing, and worthy way to realize one’s parenthood dreams, but it’s crucial that you’re ready before you commit. As you consider expanding your family, examine whether you have the emotional and financial resources to find a […]
April 18, 2022

How to Pick the Right Surrogacy Program and Agency? Key Considerations!

There are so many options to consider before beginning your surrogacy journey and this is where you come across a list of challenges. Still, one of the first and biggest considerations is regarding the selection of a surrogacy program and […]