Before starting your journey, lots of questions arises about the process. Here you can see the steps from beginning till the end:

Consultation and sign-on

This first step in the surrogacy process is one of the biggest ones: making the decision to grow your family through surrogacy and choosing suitable egg donor (if needed) and surrogate mother. Our experienced coordinators will give you detailed information about candidates, and after your final decision they will be sent to doctor for further checkups. Couple need to arrive in Georgia for 3-4 days to freeze sperm and finish legal side. After that IVF process starts and embryos are created.

Medical screenings and legal work

During the medical and legal phase, the surrogate mother will go to the IVF clinic for her medical screening. From there, she will receive her protocol and begin her medications and monitoring at her local clinic. When the time is right, the surrogate will go to the IVF clinic for the embryo transfer. Once she returns home, she will continue to go to the local clinic for testing until there is a (fingers crossed!) confirmation of heartbeat.


The pregnancy stage is usually the longest step in the surrogacy journey. During this milestone, intended parents will continue to develop a strong bond with their surrogate as she agency updates on the pregnancy and baby. Intended parents will work with our staff and local counsel to establish their parental rights. Parents will also prepare for their baby's arrival, packing and booking travel.


The moment has arrived when intended parents finally meet and hold their baby for the first time. When the doctor releases the baby from the hospital, parents usually travel home shortly thereafter.


While visiting Georgia,
you can enjoy free services like:

• Transfer from and to the airport

• Driver during your stay

• Tbilisi tour

• Luxury flat or hotel for 5 days

• Translator service

Our coordinators help you to select the most appropriate package for you. We offer the guaranteed program, package with egg donor, package with your own eggs.

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