Who Needs a Sperm Donation?

• Absence of sperm, presence in small quantities, or in case pregnancy can not be obtained despite the treatments performed,
• Absence of sperms determined with micro tesa method,
• In case an individual suffers from sperm morphology disorders,
• In case the male is a carrier of sexually transmitted disease, such as HIV. 

The Selection of Sperm Donors:

The sperms are frozen and stored in the sperm bank, for which the necessary tests were previously performed, and fertilizability was proven. In accordance with the physical characteristics of the applicant couple, the sperms chosen from the bank and the eggs of the receiver are combined together by the micro-injection procedure to generate the embryo, and transfer process for the patient is scheduled.

Donor sperm for sperm donation in our Cyprus clinic is taken from “CRYOS” which is one of the most reliable sperm banks in Europe. We can also offer fresh sperm donors, both in Georgia and in Cyprus. There are hundreds of different sperms with different characteristics in our laboratory bank. The patient will be able to have the information about the physical properties of the sperm donors and try to match the recipients partner characteristics and special needs.

Sperm Donation Success Rate

Success rate is approximately 70%, and known to vary depending on the age of the female, and responses of the ovaries to the stimulation injections. The course of pregnancy is identical with the pregnancy obtained with regular intercourse, and the possibility of abortion or birth defect is similar.

In case the couple wants one more baby, as a sibling for the child they had through donation, the sperms that were previously used for this treatment are likely to be used again.