Regardless of your sexual orientation, the road to parenthood in surrogacy for HIV carriers in Argentina can be perplexing. However, as an HIV-positive parent or surrogate, you must not lose hope as there are still ways to realize your parenthood dreams.

At Miracle baby Surrogacy, we have the knowledge, skills, and technology to make your road to parenting during surrogacy for HIV carrier in Argentina as smooth as possible. Via our partner clinics based across various parts of Argentina, we offer all the intended parent's fertility treatments such as sperm washing, egg donation, and surrogacy.

Our cutting-edge partner IVF clinics are able to properly cleanse sperm to prevent HIV transmission to the surrogate and baby. When paired with our in-house surrogate mother in Argentina, these services enable us to deliver extremely efficient medical care while maintaining the highest level of privacy and secrecy.

Is surrogacy for HIV carriers in Argentina possible?

Medical technology is moving in lockstep with the rest of the globe. HIV no longer carries the death penalty that it did forty years ago. However, the virus may still be associated with a negative image and a slew of myths. Before we go any further, let's dispel a terrible fallacy that some people still believe: HIV-positive people can't have HIV-negative children.

The reality, on the other hand, is simply otherwise. Just by consulting with their physicians and keeping up with their medication, both men and women who are HIV-positive may produce and raise healthy, happy, and HIV-negative children.

What is HIV Sperm washing and how Does It Work?

While HIV is spread through sexual contact, the virus is not carried by a man's individual sperm cells. The virus is instead conveyed through the seminal fluid. As a result, sperm washing is routinely utilized to assist HIV-positive men with conceiving a healthy, HIV-negative child via surrogacy for HIV carrier in Argentina.

Sperm washing is a laboratory treatment that removes seminal fluid, non-moving sperm cells, cellular debris, and germs from a sperm sample. What's left is a population of highly motile sperm cells, which may be utilized to make embryos via IVF. The washing method is also very successful at lowering HIV viral load to undetectable levels.

In a test tube, the freshly generated semen sample is typically laid over a specifically prepared density gradient. The sample is then spun in a centrifuge to extract the highly motile sperm cells from the other ejaculate components. As a matter of fact, thousands of reproductive treatment cycles have employed washed sperm with great effectiveness and safety.

Egg donation with Surrogacy for HIV carriers in Argentina

If you are HIV positive homosexual man, you can have your own biological kid with the help of an egg donor and surrogate mother in Argentina. This technique will combine healthy donor eggs with sperm that has undergone HIV sperm washing for HIV-positive males. The embryos will subsequently be carried by a surrogate. While this technique is especially beneficial for homosexual men, egg donation and/or surrogacy are used by people of all backgrounds to have their own children.

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, our partner clinics use their in-house egg donors and surrogate mothers to assist intended parents via surrogacy for HIV carriers in Argentina. The surrogate mother is extensively screened, including health exams, background checks, and other procedures, to ensure that she is a good fit for either donation or surrogacy.

We then work closely with all of our intended parents to assist them in selecting the best egg donor and surrogate for their needs. Our end-to-end support is here to help you through every step of the process, making a traditionally difficult and stressful procedure as simple and painless as possible.

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