If you are an intended parent looking for Surrogacy for HIV Carrier, you should be prepared and willing to undergo a list of tests and diagnoses to check your viral load in prior. Family Planning comes as a big decision for any woman, but it takes extra thought for a woman who is HIV-positive or has a male partner who is HIV-positive.

If you're in this situation, you must straightaway get in touch with our client coordinators to plan your surrogacy journey prior. At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we have a pool of expert medical and surrogacy professionals that can guide you the right way in your quest to become parents via Surrogacy for HIV Carrier in Australia

Surrogacy for HIV Carrier in Australia – getting started!

The intended parents first need to contact our client coordinators to schedule a virtual meeting. The meeting would also enlist medical professionals that have managed Surrogacy for HIV Carrier with resounding success in the past.

Given the advice and recommendations of the experts, the intended parents may need to undergo a series of tests and diagnoses. These tests and diagnoses will be aimed toward analyzing the amount of viral load in either of the parents.

Once the experts scrutinize the test reports and results, they will then outline the crucial aspects and elements of the rest of the surrogacy journey.

Intended parents must know that it's critical to inform their doctor, obstetrician, or counselor about their HIV status as soon as possible (even if they are still deciding whether to have a baby).

Informing your health care team allows you to discuss any concerns you may have and ensures that you receive treatment that is appropriate for your requirements both throughout pregnancy and after your baby is delivered.

If your medical team is aware of your HIV status, they can take precautions to reduce the danger of unintentional transmission during any medical procedures.

Surrogacy for HIV Carrier- What are your options?

HIV-negative children can be born to seroconcordant couples (those in whom both spouses have the virus). The risk of either spouse passing HIV to their infant is nearly minimal if both partners are on treatment.

If you are a seroconcordant couple thinking about getting pregnant, you should consult our professional medical experts to reduce the risk of HIV transmission to your kid.

Consult your doctor about your treatment options during Surrogacy for HIV Carrier in Australia. It's crucial to understand that not all antiretroviral drugs are safe to take while pregnant, and some minor treatment adjustments may be necessary.

If HIV transmission reduction techniques are implemented, pregnancy can be quite safe for an HIV-positive woman and her infant.

Lowering the risk of HIV transmission during pregnancy

HIV-positive women can lower their risk of transmission by doing the following:

  • Taking antiretroviral drugs before getting pregnant to lower your viral load (the amount of virus in the fluids inside your body); the lower the viral load, the less likely it is that your unborn baby will be infected
  • As soon as you are diagnosed with HIV, begin antiretroviral therapy (this will also help to optimise your overall health).
  • During pregnancy, being on medication and having a low, or undetectable, viral load benefits your immune system and overall health.
  • With specialized care, an HIV-positive pregnancy nowadays is the same as an HIV-negative pregnancy. Pregnancy does not hasten the progression of HIV.

Situations in which the Female partner is HIV-positive

Artificial insemination is an option if you wish to conceive and are an HIV-positive woman with an HIV-negative male partner.

Artificial insemination should be done at the most fertile phase of your menstrual cycle to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

When you learn about fertility awareness, you'll be able to predict when you're most likely to conceive. Consult the fertility specialist at Miracle Baby surrogacy to know more!

Getting pregnant with an HIV-positive male partner

If one of the male partners is HIV-positive, sperm washing can be utilized to conceive. A machine separates sperm cells (which do not contain HIV) from seminal fluid (which can carry the virus) during this technique. Using a special catheter introduced into the uterus, the cleansed sperm is then utilized to fertilize the woman's egg.

There is no danger of HIV transmission if the male partner is on successful treatment and has a stable undetectable viral load.

How we can help?

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we got some of the best medical professionals on board to help you at every step during Surrogacy for HIV Carrier in Australia. Besides, you can always connect with our counselors and coordinators for round-the-clock assistance.

We have further partnered with some of the best clinic and surrogacy agencies in Australia to bring you the best medical support and care during your surrogacy journey. Contact one of our client coordinators today for a free consultation!