Medical science has come up with a list of treatment options for HIV patients. So, we can say that it is still possible to pursue surrogacy for HIV carriers in Colombia.

As per a medical study, one in every four people is infected HIV virus across the globe. Besides, It was previously impossible for the patients to lead a "normal" life because of their condition. Yet, comfortable life for both sexes has only recently been possible thanks to improved medications and treatment support.

They will also be able to have healthy children with the help of various surrogacy clinics in Colombia and the doctor taking care of the entire interaction.

Surrogacy for HIV carriers in Colombia: What needs to be done?

HIV-positive individuals must adhere to a strict regimen of medication to ensure that the virus does not circulate in their bloodstream above an undetectable level. In order to have a healthy pregnancy, the doctor needs to be aware of the plans and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The virus can be isolated in a variety of ways, not just during pregnancy; depending on the source of transmission.

Surrogacy for HIV carrier in Colombia(For males)

Artificial insemination using the sperm washing technique is recommended for males. Sperm samples are taken and separated from other components using this method. So far, all of the tests have been successful in the same regard. So, we can say that healthy HIV pregnancies can be achieved via this collaborative effort. Fertilization, on the other hand, can only occur if the woman's cycle is hormonally controlled in order to match the DNA of both parents.

Pregnancy rates during surrogacy for HIV carrier in Colombia, range from 50 to 60 percent, and it's common for the first attempt to fail. The patient's immunity, the quality of the pregnant woman's genetic material, and seminal washing are the variables that determine the process.

Steps two through four are the same as those of a typical pregnancy. Seminograms, psychological testing, blood tests, and analyses of recent diseases are a few of the tests that one needs to go through in the same process.

Surrogacy for HIV carrier in Colombia(For females)


Taking medication as soon as possible after being diagnosed with HIV is critical for everyone living with the virus. When it comes to the female population, up to 20% of the baby's infection risk can be avoided.

There are certain precautions a woman must take in order to protect her unborn child from the virus:

  • In cases where the male partner is not infected with the virus, fertilization must be performed via IVF
  • Planning the pregnancy ahead of time with the help of specialized doctors is critical if the disease process is to remain stable and show no recent changes that could affect the health of the pregnancy.
  • As soon as you find out you're pregnant, you should follow your doctor's instructions to the core. Reasons that could harm the fetus's healthy development can't be increased or decreased.
  • Make an accurate HIV diagnosis.
  • Psychological analysis, Blood and uterine analysis, Hormonal evaluations and Hysterosalpingography needs to be performed

Surrogacy for HIV carrier in Colombia( in case both the partners are infected with the virus)

Seropositive couples should be aware that in order to ensure risk-free pregnancy, they must follow the doctor's instructions to the core. Pregnancy is best achieved through the use of assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). Depending on the circumstances, a donor may be a viable option if the patient is in an advanced stage and in need of a transplant.

When it comes to men, seminal washing is the method designed to ensure that genetic material is transferred without any unwanted consequences.

If the doctor in charge knows about the patient's reproductive capacity and has the authority to approve or deny the plan, communication with the doctor is essential for both parties' well-being. Besides, HIV control must be stable for a long time before opting for surrogacy for HIV carriers in Colombia.

HIV-infected pregnancies cannot be cared for by all surrogacy agencies in Colombia. In contrast to artificial insemination performed on individuals who are not infected with the virus, the outcome of this treatment is less unpredictable. The couple or individual in question should explain their situation and look for a reputable agency to consult with.

In order for the environment to remain unaffected, the person must internalize the importance of caring for others. Pregnancy control is an important part of preventing the disease in the family.

Medicine has made it possible for people who want to start a family to do so, which was previously unimaginable. Reiterating that the use of any of the assisted reproduction techniques is harmful to others is essential.

How we can help?

Our partner IVF clinics are equipped to provide risk-free surrogacy for HIV carriers in Colombia. You can rest assured of getting the highest quality care as each member of our team comes along with an extensive experience in the ART domain. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our program or how we can help you achieve your dream of starting a family.