HIV is no longer an incurable or untreatable viral infection. Given the recent medical advancements, people living with HIV have a life span that is equivalent to that of people who do not have HIV. Furthermore, when we talk about Surrogacy for HIV carrier in Cyprus, we can quote it as an excellent choice for every HIV-infected person, irrespective of their sexual orientation, to claim that long-awaited happiness of having their own child.

When you deal with Miracle Baby surrogacy, your health and safety will always come first for us. To safeguard you and your future child’s health, we, along with our partner clinic and other agencies, will employ the most sophisticated assisted reproduction procedures, laboratory testing, and preventative measures in the same regard.

Surrogacy in Cyprus for an HIV-positive Man

Medical Specialists first began cleaning HIV-positive men's sperm for insemination in HIV-negative women in 1992. In addition to the introduction of totally suppressive HIV regimens and the capacity to test HIV in the blood, these approaches have evolved greatly since then.

So, even while been HIV positive men, you can opt for surrogacy for HIV carrier in Cyprus without many hassles. That said you must stay ready and prepared for a list of tests and medical procedures in the same context.

How safe are the surrogate mothers in the entire procedure?

There have been no incidences of HIV transmission from an HIV-positive individual to an HIV-negative person as a result of an embryo transfer to date. This covers all data from scientific discoveries in the past that allowed doctors to detect HIV in the blood and prescribe a totally suppressive HIV medication.

There hasn't been a single example of an HIV-negative gestational carrier developing HIV in investigations of over 4000 cases of HIV-positive sperm used for intrauterine insemination, IVF, or ICS.

What precautions will be taken during Surrogacy for HIV carriers in Cyprus?

Through sexual intercourse, an HIV-infected individual on antiretroviral medication with an undetectable viral load cannot transfer HIV. This may even be extended to surrogacy because the embryo is generated from HIV-infected sperm and put into the uterus of the Surrogate Mother.

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we ensure that the person must meet the following criteria to be deemed non-infectious:

  • be adhering to their HIV treatment plans and taking all of their medications as prescribed
  • not have developed any other sexually transmitted illnesses for at least 6 months or have an undetectable viral load during the same period

The Intended Parent is expected to do the following to safeguard the Surrogate Mother's safety:

  • offer a 6-month history of an undetectable viral load
  • submit to sexually transmitted infection testing
  • To guarantee that virus levels are undetectable, give numerous semen samples for testing. If HIV is found in the sperm, the samples will be discarded right away.

Finally, the Surrogate Mother in Cyprus will be given antiviral medicine before the embryo transfer and for many weeks afterward to provide further protection. This drug is safe to use throughout the first trimester of pregnancy.

Making the decision to be a surrogate mother for an HIV-positive intended parent might be a tough one. This is not a decision that can be made for you by anyone else. From our side, we will make sure that having a child with an HIV-positive Intended Parent would not jeopardize your health or safety.

Because HIV is now treatable, the child carried by the surrogate mother in Cyprus will be born to healthy parents and a grateful and worthy family. We further believe that HIV should not prevent a person from starting a family or experiencing the pleasures of motherhood.

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we are delighted to be educating our communities on inclusive practices related to surrogacy for HIV carriers in Cyprus. We think that everyone deserves the opportunity to become a parent and start a family.

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