The surrogacy for HIV carriers in Georgia is allowed to every individual or couple subject to the level of the viral load in their blood samples (as mentioned in the provided medical documents). This way, even HIV-infected couples who do not want to pass the illness on to their kid can realize their long-awaited ambition of having children.

The HIV-positive male partner's sperm is thoroughly cleansed in laboratories before being utilized in the IVF treatment process. The complete cleaning of the sperm ensures that no infection will be passed on to the kid.

Antiviral medicine will be given to the Surrogate Mother in Georgia prior to the embryo transfer and for several weeks afterward to provide further protection. This drug is safe to use throughout the first trimester of pregnancy. At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we firmly believe that HIV should not prevent a person from starting a family or experiencing the pleasures of parenthood.

Surrogacy for HIV carrier in Georgia: The process!

We do get requests from HIV-positive men who wish to start a family now and then. Despite the fact that the chances are still limited, the good news is that it is still a feasible aim to reach. There are few circumstances where the male partner is HIV positive but the female partner is not, and they can still have the child via surrogacy for HIV carrier without many risks. It is therefore feasible to have a child with an HIV-positive male.

Sperm washing

Sperm washing is the most frequent procedure used prior to IVF. Although it is an efficient technique to treat a viral illness, there is a risk of virus transmission. The goal of sperm washing is to separate the sperms that will fertilise an egg from the seminal fluid, which is infectious and contains the HIV virus.

The HIV virus has been mostly found in the seminal fluid of HIV-positive men. If the fluid and sperms can be separated or cleansed, the chance of catching HIV is almost minimal, even for the surrogate mother in Georgia.

Still, in order to qualify for the surrogacy for HIV carrier in Georgia, intending parents must give a CD4 report, which shows the viral load of the parents. It's a blood test that determines the number of CD4 cells in your body. CD4 cells are a kind of white blood cell that play an important part in the immune system's ability to combat illness.

The CD4 count in a healthy immune system ranges from 500 to 1,600 cells per cubic millimetre of blood (cells/mm3). A person is diagnosed with AIDS if their CD4 count is less than 200 cells/mm3

Testing the intended parents for Viral Load

The count of HIV particles in a milliliter (mL) of blood is determined by an HIV viral load test. "Copies" is another name for these particles. This test identifies HIV progression in the body and can also be used to assess how well HIV treatment medication is controlling HIV.

A reduced viral load test count is beneficial since it signifies that the person's body is responding effectively to therapy. It also means that the person can now proceed with surrogacy for an HIV carrier.

Procedure for Surrogacy for HIV Carrier

Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate Consultations

Both intended parents and surrogates will speak with our professional medical experts about how we will go through the entire process related to surrogacy for HIV carrier in Georgia.

Specimens Collection

The HIV-positive parent will go to the clinic and leave a sample of sperm. The entire process will be managed and administered by our partner IVf clinics in Georgia.

Testing of sperm

The PCR HIV DNA assay will next be used to examine the sperm for the presence of the virus. It is subsequently "washed" with a centrifuge to separate the sperm from the seminal fluid, depending on the results. Cryopreserved sperm are washed and suspended in a fresh solution.

The sample is then sent to a participating IVF clinic (the clinic of the intended parents) for fertilization and embryo transfer.

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we ensure that you stay in safe hands during every stage of your journey regarding surrogacy for HIV carriers. With a team of highly experienced and expert medical professionals, we live by our commitment to bring you the best medical support and care at every step.

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