Being an intended HIV-positive parent-to-be or an HIV Carrier can make it even more difficult to find support in order to fulfill your lifelong ambition of becoming a parent. Every person who is willing and able to start a family should have access to the support they need and deserve.

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we work tirelessly to ensure that our services are available to everyone, including HIV-positive expectant parents, without regard to their sexual orientation. Since the procedures require twice the efforts and facilities on their premises, very few surrogacy clinics in Mexico can accept parents-to-be who are HIV positive, and from there, even fewer accept surrogacy for HIV carriers in Mexico.

In contrast to most fertility clinics, Miracle Baby surrogacy has made a concerted effort to meet the unique needs of patients who are HIV positive, including those who are unable to afford the additional equipment and financial resources that are required. So, if you are an intended parent looking for surrogacy for an HIV carrier, you have reached the right place.

Individuals with HIV are welcome to use our surrogacy services.

Our partner clinics and agencies at Miracle baby surrogacy use a combination of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and sperm washing to help those with HIV become parents. An HIV-infected man's sperm must be washed before it can be used for IVF procedures, and this process is called "sperm washing."

At Miracle baby surrogacy, we are proud to provide these services to those in need while doing everything in our power to ensure the health and safety of both the surrogate mother and the child she will be carrying. This includes a thorough medical examination.

However, in order to let us offer you seamless treatment options and surrogacy services you are required to:

  • Present medical records showing a viral load for at least six months
  • Be prepared to undergo a full infectious disease screening.

Understanding the procedure of sperm washing

Sperm washing is a special procedure to wash the semen of an HIV-positive man so that it can be used for in vitro fertilization. Sperm washing separates the sperm from the rest of the semen because HIV floats as free viral particles and does not appear to infect sperm cells.

The viral load can be measured, and a first three-drug regimen can be used to suppress HIV to undetectable levels. As a result of this novel approach to surrogacy for HIV carriers in Mexico, the unborn child is protected from HIV transmission.

Having a viral load confirmed by one of our doctors is the first step in this procedure for an HIV-positive father-to-be that is enrolled in our surrogacy for HIV carriers in Mexico program. To reduce the viral load, he will need to take a course of treatment.

Besides, he will be able to deposit sperm in our clinic once the viral load has decreased. Once his sperm has been thoroughly cleaned using the sperm washing technique, we will send a sample to our partner clinics for confirmation that it is free of HIV particles and that the resulting embryos are safe for the surrogate mother and baby to receive.

Sperm washing has been shown to be both effective and safe. More than 2,000 cycles of IUI with washed sperm were performed by the surrogacy clinics in Mexico, with no cases of HIV transmission, totaling 3,315 cycles of assisted reproduction.

It has been demonstrated through studies involving couples (one in which each partner was HIV-positive and the other was HIV-negative) that an HIV-positive person on antiretroviral therapy with an undetectable viral load is not sexually infectious, i.e. cannot transmit HIV through sexual contact

To know more about the procedures and related information via a free consultation, contact one of our client coordinators today!