Surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK is permissible subject to the fact that neither of the Intended parents nor the surrogate mother got any risk of infecting the future child during surrogacy in UK. Besides, the doctors or physicians need to ensure that you must not knowingly or carelessly transfer the HIV virus to someone else (including the child, partner, or the surrogate mother)

Precautions during surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK

If you are an HIV+ intended parent, you can limit the danger of spreading the HIV virus to the born child by following certain precautions prescribed by the doctor during the pregnancy, birth of the child, and nursing.

You must know that there is a list of treatment options and diagnoses available to make your viral load detectable while further helping you to conceive naturally without the danger of infecting your partner or the future child.

Individuals or couples who know that they are HIV positive should either arrange for the virus to be removed from their sperm or seek medical guidance on whether they can safely get pregnant naturally with their female partners even if their viral load is undetectable.

UK regulatory restrictions imply that one must undergo sperm washing or other fertility therapy in the UK if the same sperm is being used to achieve conception. Besides, If you are an intended parent and opting for surrogacy via a surrogate mother in UK (maybe due to the fact that you are a single man or woman or a person indulged in a same-sex relationship looking for surrogacy) then you are not permitted to use washed or virus undetectable sperm during surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK.

In that case, you will need to investigate additional possibilities which may include:

  • Your spouse (if he is HIV negative) or a donor supplying the sperm,
  • Taking surrogate mother in UK to US to undertake the fertility and sperm cleaning therapy there
  • Employing specialized surrogacy clinics in UK which will find you a UK surrogate and provide safe fertility therapy.

Legal concerns arise when you use surrogate mothers to carry your kid's embryo or egg or sperm, and you may have to clear through various hassles before or after the birth of your child to establish your family's legal standing. It is crucial to be well educated regarding surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK. Ultimately, being HIV positive does not stop you from having a kid.

HFEA regulations regarding surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK

HFEA has defined several prerequisites regarding surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK. This includes proper screening and evaluation of the intended parents, surrogate mother and any egg or sperm donors included in the surrogacy process in UK.

Besides, one cannot use HIV-positive sperm or eggs while pursuing surrogacy in UK via a surrogate mother.

Responsibility of the Surrogacy clinics in UK

The law related to surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK entails several responsibilities for the surrogacy clinics involved. These surrogacy clinics in UK further needs to make sure that neither of the parties involved are impacted by the virus in any sort.

They have to ensure that all of the involved parties are duly screened and tested for any undetectable viral load before partaking in a surrogacy treatment in UK.

How does surrogacy for HIV carrier in UK process work?

During the medical procedure, the Intended Parent's semen is taken and tested. Everything that might possibly harbour an infectious agent such as HIV is discarded. Among males on anti-retroviral medication, only around 15% of the semen tested positive for HIV.

The sperm derived from the intended father or the sperm donor is then "Washed" for any such issues. When it is time to do the IVF procedure, the sample is transported and preserved to a partner facility using liquid nitrogen.

The entire process works in four stages generally:

Initial consultation: The surrogacy clinic in UK will explain to both intended parents and surrogates what the procedure is, how it works, and whether there are any complications included within.

Sample collection: While following the prescribed procedure, the physician or doctors will collect the sperm sample from the intended father or the sperm donor.

Sperm testing: The PCR HIV DNA assay will be used to check for virus presence in the sperm. A centrifuge then "washes" the sperm from the seminal fluid, based on the results of the test. To preserve the sperm, they are put into cryopreservation.

End results: The sample is now ready for further procedures included in the surrogacy process in UK. Fertilization and embryo transfer would then be conducted at the IVF facility under the strict supervision of medical professionals.

How to proceed?

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