Realising your parenthood dreams via surrogacy is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. This way, not only will you be getting the child of your dreams, but you'll also create an unbreakable relationship with your gestational surrogate - and her family. So, we can say that surrogacy in Australia is a safe and secure option to start a family for anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy are the two forms of surrogacy options available for gay couples. Gestational surrogacy is the most prevalent kind of surrogacy. The only way for LGBTQ persons and couples to have biological children is via gestational surrogacy. It's a lengthy procedure that involves medical and legal knowledge, as well as strong emotional support.

Our partner IVF clinics will use the prospective parents' gametes ( or egg/sperm donor when required)to generate embryos in a lab at a fertility clinic. 1-2 embryos are implanted into a gestational carrier at the fertility clinic, who will carry the baby to term.

The surrogate does not utilize her eggs and has no genetic connection to the kid or children she delivers in gestational surrogacy.

Is surrogacy for same-sex legal in Australia?

The legalities surrounding surrogacy for the same sex are a bit complicated. However, don't let it stop you from being a parent. It's critical that you speak with our legal professionals to take an informed decision in the same regard.

Although the process of surrogacy for heterosexual and same-sex intended parents is basically the same, there are a few differences that distinguish gay surrogacy from surrogacy for straight individuals and couples.

It's critical to know your parental rights and the surrogacy legislation in your state or nation, as well as the state where your surrogate mother lives.

Intended parents must know that a Pre-Birth Order (PBO) is a court order that establishes parental rights before the child is born. PBOs are only accessible in a limited number of states. It may be feasible to acquire a post-birth order in other states.

Besides, the parents have to seek a court order to claim custody of their born child. At Miracle Baby surrogacy, our Matching Team works hard to connect intended parents with surrogates based on several factors, the first of which is legal compatibility.

Besides, it's essential that your surrogate resides in a state where you may legally and lawfully establish your parental rights.

What is the cost of surrogacy for same-sex in Australia?

The cost of surrogacy for same-sex in Australia can be divided into the following categories:

  • Surrogacy agency fees
  • Cost and expenditures for surrogates and egg donors
  • Costs of insurance
  • Expenses associated with IVF

With Miracle baby by your side, you can stay assured of receiving the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plan for your respective needs. You would get to know about all the elements during the initial consultation and there won’t be any hidden charges of any sort.

Why finding a reputed surrogacy agency in Australia is a pre-requisite?

Surrogacy, by its very nature, is a highly intricate procedure, and being the best surrogacy clinic in Australia, we bring a great deal of knowledge to the table. A surrogacy journey requires a great deal of organization and preparation, as well as legal documents. You don't have to be a surrogacy specialist since your agency is.

This is where Miracle Baby surrogacy comes aboard as the best surrogacy agency in Australia. Our experienced legal team ensures that your parental rights are upheld and protected. We're here to assist you become a parent and discover solutions that safeguard your family.

We are knowledgeable about the LGBTQ community's legal rights and stays up to date as laws change. For same-sex IPs, each state and nation has its own set of rules and restrictions. Working with a firm that has this level of knowledge in both social work and legal ensures that IPs have a happy and successful experience.

As you look forward to surrogacy for same sex in Australia, we will provide full-service assistance to intended parents throughout their journey. We further have a list of experts in our team, like accountants, program managers, attorneys, and social workers all working under one roof, allowing intended parents to have their journeys handled by a single team at a single organization, without the need for third parties.

Why we are the best?

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we are a team of surrogacy professionals that are backed by years of knowledge and expertise in the ART domain. As you look forward to your surrogacy dreams via surrogacy for same sex in Australia, we will stand by your side to take care for any complication or issue.

Sit back and relax as our experts take the charge of your surrogacy journey. Contact one of our client coordinators today to book your free consultation today!