Same-sex couples can pursue surrogacy in UK without any legal hassles or complications. Yet, the entire arrangement is subject to a list of regulations and court orders. Basically, two types of surrogacy are largely prevalent in the UK: Gestational surrogacy and Traditional surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy – Embryos get developed with donor egg and sperm derived from one of the partners. Once fertilized and developed, it is then transplanted to the womb of the surrogate mother (who is therefore not the biological mother).

You can locate an egg donor at many UK fertility clinics, but they are not permitted to connect you with a surrogate, so you'll have to conduct that search yourself. For transsexual couples, you may be able to use your eggs rather than the sperm.

Traditional surrogacy- The surrogate mother here also stays as the biological mother of the born child during this surrogacy treatment in the UK. The fertility experts may use the sperm derived from the intended father for IVF or artificial insemination in a clinic.

Laws and regulations related to same-sex surrogacy in UK

Surrogacy for same sex is permitted in the UK. Finding a surrogate mother, on the other hand, might be difficult due to the fact that the law forbids third parties from arranging surrogacy for profit and restricts the advertising of surrogates.

Under laws related to surrogacy in the UK, any agreement you engage in once you have found a surrogate is void and not enforceable by law).

Parental rights and responsibilities

You and your child's surrogate are the legal parents under UK law, no matter what place or region across the globe your baby is born. Who will be deemed as the father of the child is a difficult decision that is influenced by several factors, including your biological make-up, your surrogate's marital status, and the location of conception.

An order of parental responsibility can be issued in the United Kingdom that reassigns the legal status of parentage to both of you permanently and eliminates the legal position and duties of your surrogate parent (and her husband).

If your kid was born outside of the UK, a new British birth certificate will be issued, listing both of you as the parents. It has been possible for same-sex parents to file for an order of protection since April 6, 2010. Yet, being a parent or individual pursuing surrogacy for LGBT couples in UK, learn about the concepts of legal parenting and court-ordered custody.

Other post-partum complications

Since a parental order might take months to process, you must consider your legal rights and duties during the surrogacy process in UK. There may be difficulties in engaging with medical and social care providers. As a new parent, you may also wonder about your work rights and your standard rights to adoption leave. Use this time to learn about your legal options.

For the sake of your surrogate and her family, it is imperative that you have a plan in place in the event that either you or your surrogate dies. Learn more about wills and life insurance policies involved in the surrogacy treatment in UK.

Surrogacy options for Female same-sex couples

If you're looking for someone to carry your baby, you can use a surrogate mother in UK. It's not surrogacy if one of you is carrying the other's biological kid, but it is co-maternity, which some clinics term as intra-partner donation/IVF, if you both desire to be parents.

Surrogacy for female same-sex couples is highly uncommon in UK. The legal mother of your kid is your surrogate, thus you must ensure that you are able to establish your status as legal parents when your child is born.

If one of you supplied the eggs, you can only seek a parental order (to become legal parents) (or, if one or both of you is transgender, that you have provided the sperm). Surrogacy is more complex if neither of you is the biological parent of your kid. It requires careful legal planning. Educate yourself on the concepts of legal parenting and court-ordered custody regarding surrogacy in UK.

Even if one of you is a parent to a child of your own, you are subject to the same laws that apply to other couples for surrogacy treatment in UK. You could be looking for a surrogate mother in UK, or perhaps a friend or family member has offered to serve as your surrogate. Consider an overseas surrogacy arrangement if you like.

Surrogacy process in UK for Gay Couples

You and your partner will have to select who will be the biological father of your kid. When it comes to having children, some couples prioritize having a kid with each spouse being a biological parent, while others prioritize having several children with each partner being a biological parent.

In case you are a female same sex couple, consider who will supply the eggs needed for surrogacy treatment in UK. When it comes to finding a gestational surrogate mother in UK, you have two options: you may either match with a conventional surrogate who will both contribute eggs and carry your kid, or you can generate embryos using donated eggs at a fertility clinic. It is crucial to consider both the options while keeping your budget and requirements in mind.

Is surrogacy for same sex in UK a viable option?

This is an important point to ponder about as one plan for surrogacy for LGBT couples in UK, however keep in mind that traditional surrogacy is often only possible in the United Kingdom. Half of UK parents opt for surrogacy in UK, while the other half do it abroad (for gay dads usually in the USA or Canada). Decisions regarding surrogacy treatment in UK may only be made in light of a person's preferences for a surrogacy journey as well as his or her ability to meet those expectations.

How to put your first step forward?

Surrogacy in UK requires some big though and research, and it's important that you are mentally prepared for the entire journey. Here at Miracle Baby surrogacy, we hold the expertise and experience to help and support you during your surrogacy journey in UK.

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