Surrogacy for single Men in Albania is always a controversial subject. While there is no law governing surrogacy in Albania, we can say that pursuing surrogacy for single men in Albania is not illegal. Besides, over the past many years, we at Miracle Baby surrogacy have helped and supported numerous single men in realizing their parenthood dreams via surrogacy.

As of now, we can deem ourselves as one of the best surrogacy agencies in Albania with all the required expertise and experience. Furthermore, we firmly believe in treating every man with care and recognize that happy families come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Since putting our first steps in the surrogacy domain a few years back, we have continuously advocated for the principle that everyone who chooses to become a parent should be able to do so. One of our most rewarding tasks is assisting single men in starting families, and we would be happy to assist you on your own unique route to motherhood.

Key components of surrogacy for single men in Albania

Surrogacy for single men in Albania is extremely comparable to surrogacy for any hopeful parents who require a little help having a baby. We provide detailed information and support at every stage of the surrogacy process to bring the best and most positive surrogacy experience for the intended parents.

Surrogate selection and screening

We match you with a surrogate mother in Albania who has already been pre-qualified and has chosen you as someone she would like to support once you have decided to pursue surrogacy and have done the requisite fertility testing.

All of our gestational surrogates are subjected to extensive physical and psychological health examinations,

So there is no possibility that the surrogate you select may be disqualified after the match. We distinguish ourselves from other surrogacy clinics in Albania by requiring hopeful parents to pay for screening after a match has already been formed, raising the financial risk of a match falling through.

Opting for Altruistic surrogates only

We take pleasure in bringing surrogates that have come this far only to help someone with the most awaited happiness of their lives. Regarding surrogacy for single men in Albania, our partner surrogacy clinics will match you with a surrogate who is all support of your unique family composition.

Selection of egg donors

We then make you connect with our huge database that comprise of numerous pre-screened egg donor profiles. Here, you will find pre-qualified egg donors as well as a frozen egg bank that is readily accessible for you.

Post selection, the fertility specialist would then fertilise the eggs with the sperm derived from the intended father. Once done, they will then transfer the healthiest embryo to the womb of the surrogate mother.

The next step would require the intended parents to sign a contract with the surrogate mother. While surrogacy laws for single men are frequently the same as those for couples, there are rare exceptions. Albania doesn’t have any such regulations regarding surrogacy for single men in Albania.

Safeguarding the rights of every party involved

We will assist you and your gestational surrogate in developing a strategy for how you will participate in the pregnancy and birth once you receive the joyful news. If you and your surrogate want to stay connected after your baby is delivered, we would be pleased to assist you in any way we can.

Becoming a parent is one of life's most significant milestones, and we want to make your experience as positive and joyful as possible. Our entire staff is happy to assist you as you take each incredible step toward bringing your baby into the world.

Put your first step forward towards Parenthood!

If you have made up your mind regarding surrogacy for single men in Albania, we'd be happy to assist you in your respective surrogacy journey. 

To get started, you just need to connect with one of our client coordinators. Following that, we will call you to begin the process and set up your initial consultation with your surrogacy professionals. After completing easy fertility tests, you then need to choose the surrogate who will help you complete your family.

We are thrilled to be by your side while you experience that much-awaited happiness of parenthood. For additional information on surrogacy for single men in Albania, please connect with our client coordinators.