Surrogacy for single men is a bit complicated on the first go. In most Australian states, single intending parents can simply seek surrogacy. The bad news is that you must be in a committed relationship to be eligible for surrogacy in Western Australia (gay couples are also prohibited in WA).

Western Australia is working on legislation that will allow homosexual couples and single males to pursue surrogacy. Still, if you are seeking surrogacy for single men in Australia currently, you must choose another state that supports this practice.

You do not need to be married to get into a surrogacy agreement in any other state. If you are an intending parent, please contact the client coordinators of Miracle Baby surrogacy to discuss your options and processes. You may also learn more about the rules governing surrogacy in your state.

Surrogacy for single men – How to get started?

There are several alternatives for locating an egg donor in Australia, including clinic-recruited donors, family or friends, and organizations. A known or contactable donor is often seen to be the greatest option for the child's needs.

Still, just to make it easier and simpler for you, our partnered Egg donor agencies will be there to serve you during your surrogacy journey in Australia. At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we work with the sole aim to provide you with the most ethical and affordable surrogacy in Australia options.

Surrogate mother in Australia- what intended parents need to know?

Surrogates may opt to carry for a lesbian couple, a woman who has survived cancer or someone who has never had children. Similarly, some surrogates want to help a single intended parent too. The problem in Australia is a dearth of women willing to be surrogates, not a desire.

The prospective parents already know half of the Australian surrogates — either through family or acquaintances. The other half met their future parents via social media and online forums. So, we can say that being unmarried is not an impediment to finding a surrogate mother.

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we will make surrogacy for single men in Australia as smoother as it can get. Our large pool of screened and verified egg donors and surrogates can help you in realising your parenthood dreams the right way.

How we can help?

Our professionals at Miracle Baby surrogacy are always there to help you during any given need or requirements related to surrogacy for single men. Backed by years of experience and expertise, these professionals have gained an expert hand in managing surrogacy procedures in a smooth and convenient manner.

Moreover, even if you want to pursue surrogacy in some other country, we will be there by your side at every given step. A list of foreign countries, including several states in the United States and Canada, will support a single intended parent.

Our professionals will also help you locate potential surrogate mothers and egg donors in all of these countries. In most circumstances, a birth certificate with only one parent would suffice. You'll need to find out if you'll be allowed to apply for Citizenship by Descent for the baby, although your single status shouldn't prevent you from doing so. Before continuing, you should get legal counsel in both Australia and your destination country.

Single parents, including those who have become parents through surrogacy, can find support through our professional team of legal experts and counselors. Besides, they can connect with our coordinators at any given time during their surrogacy journey in the country.

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