Assisted reproduction and surrogate motherhood are allowing more and more men to embark on fatherhood without the support of a spouse or significant other.

That said, it is possible to have a baby through surrogacy for single men in Colombia at Miracle baby surrogacy with full freedom and maximum guarantees of a healthy baby.

The age range of our healthy donors ranges from 18 to 35 years old, and they belong to healthy backgrounds and families in Colombia. The egg donor's identity remains anonymous, but the law permits prospective parents to meet with our specialists for a free consultation to learn more about the donor's background.

Everybody is welcome to benefit from our specialized surrogacy for single men in Colombia and we can confirm that neither the country nor the society does any kind of discrimination here. We understand that intended fathers come from all walks of life and we are especially proud to lead the surrogacy revolution for these single men and women.

What are the options available in regards to surrogacy for single men in Colombia

There are a wide variety of unique surrogacy programs and groundbreaking fertility procedures that we have developed over the years. Individuals seeking surrogacy for single men in Colombia from all over the world are now able to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents thanks to this trend.

At Miracle baby surrogacy, we are also leading the fight for equality in surrogacy and changing the legislation that will allow surrogacy in different countries for everyone, without discrimination, simultaneously.

There are two options for surrogate mothers for single men: the United States or Colombia. In the United States and Colombia, single women can choose from a wide range of surrogacy plans, but we are always looking for new locations that allow surrogacy for single men and women at reasonable costs. To learn more, please connect with our client coordinators.

Surrogacy for single men in Colombia: How it works?

The individuals first need to register with us for their specific requirements. Our partner IVF clinics would then take you through the required tests and diagnosis. Afterward, they would recommend a sperm donor ( in case the sperm sample derived from the intended father isn’t feasible enough for conception).

Once done, an egg donor would be brought on board (given Colombian legislation regarding surrogacy for single men that disallows surrogates to use their eggs). The egg donor profile would be presented to the intended father to let them take an informed decision in the same regard.

After all, checks are done, both parties would sign a surrogacy agreement related to surrogacy for single men in Colombia. In the agreement, the rights, duties, and responsibilities of every party involved are duly mentioned.

IVF treatment would then be conducted to form an embryo which would eventually be implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother in Colombia. She will go through a pregnancy test two weeks later and the basis on that, another contract agreement would be signed between the surrogate mother, intended parent, and the surrogacy clinic in Colombia.

The surrogate mother would then carry the baby till term. It will then be handed over to the intended father after completion of all the formalities and documentation from the court.

How we can help?

Single men and women seeking a less expensive surrogacy option can take advantage of our highly ethical and affordable surrogacy for single men in Colombia.

Our partner clinics would take care of all the IVF procedures, including embryo transfers. As the clinic is located in a state-of-the-art medical facility, you can always stay guaranteed of getting only the best services and consultation.

It is important to note that all of our Surrogates are Colombian natives and come from good family backgrounds. Prior to being accepted into the program, they must have had at least one healthy baby born from a successful pregnancy and undergo a lengthy and rigorous screening process.

All of our Egg Donors are Colombian women who qualify and are accepted into our program as premium egg donors. For each donor, IPs are provided with a genetic profile, medical history, and family medical history as well as a current photo gallery of the donor's hobbies and interests.

Connect with one of our client coordinators for a free consultation today!