IVF and surrogacy in Argentina is a less expensive and less restrictive alternative for many couples who literally want to give themselves another chance in their quest of achieving parenthood. Furthermore, surrogacy for same sex can be pursued as Argentina was the first Latin American country to fully recognize surrogacy for LGBT couples Argentina

After childbirth, the pregnant woman must relinquish her parental rights and recognize the paternity of one of the intended fathers, whose partner can then adopt the child. The same rights are afforded to heterosexual couples who are married to one another. Yet, surrogacy is neither regulated nor illegal in this part of the planet.

Subsidized IVF treatment options for the locals

Fertilization laws in Argentina subsidize IVF for its citizens, making it one of the few countries with such a policy. According to the advocacy groups that pushed for the law to be passed three years ago, infertility affects one in six couples in the country.

It is possible to fulfill one's parental aspirations while also working with a reputable surrogacy agency in Argentina, like Miracle Baby surrogacy. Besides, gay couples can now start a family more easily because of the acceptance of homosexual families. A woman who is expecting a child will have to relinquish her rights as a mother once the child is born in order to allow her partner to adopt the child and recognize the paternity of one of the parents. For heterosexual and homosexual couples, the same legal protections are in place.

What do you need to know about surrogacy in Argentina?

Assisted reproductive technologies have been used in Argentina for decades. Some of the most advanced fertility clinics in the world can be found in the country. These options and practices can be enjoyed by couples and individuals alike. To ensure anonymity and benefit to the recipient, gamete donation is typically done for charitable purposes.

As of June 25, 2013, Congress had passed Law 26,862 on Medically Assisted Human Reproduction, better known as the "National Law on Assisted Fertilization," which was signed into law by President the following day. Cryopreservation of genetic material and embryos is permitted and regulated as part of a nationwide public-order norm that allows and regulates the widest possible range of fertilization and implantation options.

An ultimate goal is to ensure "full access to medically assisted reproduction procedures and techniques", which are defined in Article 1 as "procedures and techniques performed with medical assistance for the achievement of pregnancy," which includes "low and high complexity techniques, whether or not they include the donation of gametes and/or embryos" (art. 2).

Only in licensed health institutions that meet council standards can procedures be carried out, according to law.

How much does surrogacy cost in Argentina?

Costs for IVF cycles, medications, diagnostic tests, and surrogate mothers in Argentina all play a role in determining surrogacy cost in Argentina. This method of surrogacy can also be used by same-sex couples or single parents. On the other side, all married heterosexual couples are subject to the same legal protections as married homosexual couples.

It was proposed in the Chamber of Deputies in August 2011 that surrogacy be legalized if certain conditions are met. As of right now, surrogacy is not illegal in Argentina, but it is not permitted either.

All parties involved, including the intended parents, the surrogate mother, and the child should be protected by a surrogacy law that also protects assisted reproduction, which already has regulations in place.

Still, it’s more about dealing with the best and most appropriate surrogacy agencies in Argentina. Without it, you may fall into some wrong hands that may make you end up with some legal implications and issues.

With the right ones, however, you can easily take benefit of the state of the art medical facilities and supportive fertility legislation in the country.

How we can help?

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