Surrogacy in Colombia is advantageous in a variety of ways. In the first place, it's a lot less expensive than in the United States. The second reason is that Colombia has a broader definition of "eligible" IPs than many other countries, including gay couples and single men and women.

In Colombia, "commercial" surrogacy is not allowed, but the intended parents can compensate the surrogate mothers for certain costs. As only gestational surrogacy in Colombia is permissible, the surrogate is unable to use her own eggs in this arrangement.

Surrogate mother in Colombia may not be able to contact the born child until and unless permitted for the same by the intended parents. To remove the surrogate mother's name from the birth certificate and replace it with that of the intended parents, the intended parents need to contact the Colombian court.

As long as the baby is born in Colombia, the potential parents can take the child back to their home country and complete the process of transferring citizenship while still living in the same house they grew up in.

Pre-requisites for surrogacy in Colombia


Every Surrogacy program or arrangement must meet a number of conditions set forth by the Constitutional Court, including:

  • Pursuance of surrogacy in Colombia only if it’s physically impossible to conceive for the couples or individuals because of an underlying medical condition.
  • The surrogate mother in Colombia does not offer her eggs for the IVF process
  • Altruistic surrogacy is only permissible within its legal territories
  • A surrogate mother needs to fulfill all the pre-set requirements
  • To qualify as a surrogate, a person must undergo extensive medical and psychological testing.
  • After becoming pregnant, the surrogate mother is unable to cancel the birth on behalf of the child's parents.
  • No matter what, the child's biological parents are obligated to accept him or her.
  • Even if the child's biological parents die before birth, he or she is not left unattended.
  • The surrogate can only abort the child if her doctor recommends her to do so

Step-By-Step guide to help you with Surrogacy in Colombia

  • Intended parents must register and complete their profile while also going through a detailed list of blood and sperm tests (if required)
  • In order to get a face-to-face consultation with a doctor, IPs is required to submit identification documents and undergo a police background check.
  • They would then need to sign a surrogacy agreement with surrogacy clinic in Colombia like Miracle baby surrogacy.
  • Marriage, birth, and change of name certificates are obtained by IPs from the original source.
  • A profile of an egg donor is provided to IPs if they are eligible and sperm is sent to Colombia if necessary.
  • IPs will go through the profile of Surrogate mother in Colombia and make decision regarding its selection
  • If necessary, IPs provides gametes or embryos.
  • Medical preparation for a surrogate begins.
  • Embryo transfer procedure would happen as a part of surrogacy process in Colombia
  • IPs and the surrogate sign a more detailed Surrogacy Agreement after a surrogate pregnancy has been confirmed.
  • Throughout the pregnancy, Miracle Baby surrogacy, along with its partner IVF clinics , will handle all communication and coordination between the parties
  • Intended parents would then have an access to medical records, ultrasound images, and blood test results, which are updated on a regular basis.
  • The doctor will give a provisional delivery date in the final month of pregnancy
  • As soon as the baby is born, Miracle Baby surrogacy team will obtain the baby's official birth certificate
  • We would then take care for all the formalities regarding Children's citizenship and passport applications

How much does surrogacy cost in Colombia?


Surrogacy treatment cost in Colombia would depend on a list of aspects and elements. Yet, it would come somewhere around $60,000 for a fully inclusive program.

In Colombia, the cost of living is low but you would still find first-world infrastructure and medical facilities. The cost of living in Colombia is one-third of that in California. When comparing the cost of living between Bogota and Los Angeles, it's clear that the former is significantly cheaper.

Because of the lower cost of living, not only is medical care more affordable but so is surrogate mother cost in Colombia. When the cost of living is taken into account, Colombian surrogates earn as much as or more than their American counterparts.

Miracle Baby Surrogacy: Bringing the best of Surrogacy in Colombia for you

Prior to being introduced to an IP as a potential mother-to-be, each of our surrogates undergoes a thorough psychological and medical screening process. Our primary goal is to provide ethical and transparent surrogacy at an affordable cost.

All that we do for our surrogates goes beyond the birth of their child. This, along with other related elements and factors, distinguishes our programme from the competition.

Besides, with the help of our partner IVF clinics and surrogacy professionals in Colombia, we are able to monitor and supervise your surrogacy journey from start to end.

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