Surrogacy in Cyprus is helpful for couples from Europe and nearby regions that cannot afford the cost-effective surrogacy and IVF services within their home country. In fact, the cost of obtaining an ART procedure in Cyprus is among the lowest in Europe.

Moreover, for heterosexual couples, gay couples, and single parents who want to expand their family via surrogacy, Cyprus has been considered one of the best surrogacy destinations because of its fully regulated Gametes Donation and sex selection process. Even though there aren’t any specific surrogacy laws in Cyprus, Assisted reproductive treatment laws in this country are enforceable by law, making it an ideal destination for all intended family models around the globe.

On the other hand, given Cyprus’s reputation as a favorable Mediterranean tourist destination with a developed economy and Human Development Index, the country has come up as the most preferred destination for every couple or individual, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

How much surrogacy cost in Cyprus?

Surrogacy cost in Cyprus can vary greatly depending on which Territories you live in, as well as the type of treatment you choose. Besides, it would involve surrogate mother costs in Cyprus, along with other components like the number of IVF cycles performed, medications cost, egg donor cost, and so on.

Laws related to egg donation in Cyprus?

The court of Laws in both Cyprus territories regulates the donation of gametes by Donors in and around the country. This would further include:

  • The donor's identity and physical characteristics are kept secret.
  • Intended parents are aware of his/her ethnicity and field of study.
  • Donors must provide some information about their ethnicity and educational background.
  • Only the future child will have access to the donor's medical records, which are strictly confidential.
  • It is legal for the prospective parents to check and verify the donor's background without revealing the donor's identity.
  • There are surrogacy clinics in Cyprus that will accept a donor's family history if it is provided by the agency. Clinics and agencies alike should be ISO-certified for their use of cutting-edge equipment and procedures.

We at Miracle Baby surrogacy offers embryo preservation via our partner surrogacy clinics in Cyprus, Intended parents can further use these for future surrogacy programmes in our centre or can also send them overseas. The preserved embryo is of excellent quality, and it is legal to select the gender of a child here in Cyprus.

Is it legal to use eggs from Egg donors in Cyprus?

Yes, being an intended parent, you can use the eggs derived from egg donors if:

  • You are a married or unmarried women who have reached menopause and cannot use her eggs for conception
  • You are women who are incapable of conceiving naturally, or who produce low-quality eggs.
  • You have gone through a number of unsuccessful attempts at assisted reproduction treatments like IVF
  • You want to avoid the risk of passing on a contagious disease to their unborn child.


We at Miracle Baby surrogacy are comprised of highly qualified doctors, embryologists, geneticists, and staff to ensure that your egg donation goes smoothly and that your embryos and pregnancy are successful. Women in their twenties make up the majority of our donors.

The following tests are performed on each and every donor:

  • Hormone Testing (FSH, LH, E2, PRL)
  • Detection of hereditary diseases such as hemophilia, thalassemia, Mediterranean fever, and cystic fibrosis
  • Detection of infectious diseases
  • Blood group and RH testing, hematological and biochemical analysis
  • A psychiatric evaluation

It is legal for donors to remain anonymous, so the recipient will not be able to trace the origin of their egg donors. Besides, only the future child has the right to check on the identity of the egg donor during surrogacy in Cyprus.

Surrogacy in Cyprus is a wonderful option for individuals or couples who would like to realize their parenthood dreams without any legal hassles. Contact our client coordinators today for a free consultation and we will help you with the best plans and procedures regarding surrogacy in Cyprus.