Georgia is one of those few countries that have facilitated surrogacy within its territories with state of the art medical facilities and fertility professionals. Yet, intended parents must know that only heterosexual couples are permitted to pursue surrogacy in Georgia.

Up until recently, only married heterosexual couples were allowed to pursue surrogacy in Georgia. Yet, as per a recent change in laws, even couples within a live-in relationship can also go for the same arrangement. That said, we would advise you to connect with our client coordinators for all the latest update on the same.

What does Article 143 of Georgian family Law say?

The use of IVF is permitted is only permitted in cases:

A) To treat infertility or to prevent the genetic disease from being passed down to future generations from one partner by using sperm or an embryo from the couple or a donor, with the written consent of both partners.

B) For the implantation and fertilization of the embryo obtained from another woman (the "surrogate mother"), in the event that a woman does not have the ability to carry her own child.

Moreover, the written consent of the couple is required. When a child is born, the couple assumes the responsibilities and authority that come along with being a parent. Besides, as long as a child is born, the biological parents of the child are the only ones who can claim parental rights.

What does Article 144 of Georgia Family law says?

As per the article 144, a frozen embryo can be used for artificial fertilisation, as can female and male sex cells. Besides, the couple's wishes are taken into consideration when determining the appropriate time to begin conservation.

During surrogacy treatment process in Georgia, intended parents will be the baby's legal parents from the moment of his or her birth. To have a successful birth and subsequent immigration process, you'll need to be present in the country at all times.

How does surrogacy treatment in Georgia works?

Surrogacy clinics in Georgia are primarily responsible for coordinating surrogacy in Georgia. If a surrogate and/or egg donor are required, these surrogacy agencies in Georgia can assist the intended parents in finding them, and they can also arrange for the intended parents to receive IVF treatment, prenatal and postnatal medical care, as well as legal and administrative services.

Surrogacy in Georgia is majorly a queue system than a person-to-person interaction because of the involvement of the surrogacy clinic.

If you're looking for a surrogate mother in Georgia, you should ask yourself if you're comfortable with a more transactional approach to surrogacy. Because of the way the process works and the cultural and linguistic differences, your surrogate and your child may have fewer opportunities to build a relationship in the long run.

You also need to make sure that the surrogacy agency in Georgia you're working with is ethical and will protect you, your child, and your surrogate's interests in Georgia surrogacy. There should be no risk of harm or exploitation for your surrogate. She should also be fully informed about the surrogacy process and given adequate support.

Getting to know a surrogate mother in Georgia

A direct relationship with your surrogate mother (sometimes referred to as a surrogate mother or an egg donor in Georgia) can be extremely beneficial, even though this is a decision that is ultimately up to you.

A surrogacy clinic in Georgia can provide you with peace of mind during the process, ensure that your surrogate is cared for, and allow you to tell your child about how they came to be in the future. If your surrogate was not exploited or taken advantage of, your parental order application will benefit from this.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Georgia?

Surrogacy cost in Georgia would depend on a list of aspects like surrogate mother cost, medicinal and treatments cost, logistics cost, egg donor/sperm donor cost, IVF treatment cost, and so on.

Once you would connect with one of our client coordinators at Miracle Baby surrogacy, we will take you through the best plans and programs in the same regard. Moreover, you can always ensure getting personalized care and support during every step of your surrogacy journey.