Surrogacy in Germany is not permissible by the law of the country. So, regardless of whether you are pursuing altruistic surrogacy or commercial surrogacy in Germany, you may have to look elsewhere. Besides, most German reproductive treatments and medicines are protected under the Embryo Protection Act of 1991. Any medical procedure in Germany that involves illegal acts with a developing human life is prohibited by law.

Regarding IVF, a woman is only allowed to give birth to her own kid under the law. Even while IVF is legal, it can only be done using your own eggs. That said, more than 30% of German women use IVF to conceive.

In neighboring nations like the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, surrogacy is completely legal and unrestricted. So, if you are looking for surrogacy in Germany for whatsoever reason, you can opt for alternative and more affordable options like Surrogacy in Ukraine instead.

Why are most Germans opting for surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy is deemed illegal in Germany; hence many Germans travel to Ukraine to pursue their surrogacy aspirations. Besides, most of the Germans are forced to travel to neighboring countries like Ukraine for IVF, where surrogacy and egg donation can be pursued together.

Ukraine has been a popular destination for most of the child seeking parents from across the world because of its low costs, high quality medical treatment, and responsible surrogate mothers.

In terms of assisted reproductive technology (ART) infertility therapy, Ukraine is the most affordable alternative for all the aspirants of surrogacy in Germany. Even if a couple is not able to employ surrogacy services in any other country apart from Germany, they can make use of the cost effective and high quality surrogacy options.

Affordable surrogacy options via surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine's surrogacy services are far less expensive than those offered by a surrogate mother in Germany, even after taking into account the cost of travel and other expenses. Yet, one must look forward to the costs and expenses associated with surrogacy in Ukraine like:

  • The cost incurred to the surrogate mother is normally paid in two installments (the first after IVF and the second after the delivery of a baby).
  • In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure
  • Money, food, and clothing for the surrogate mother during her pregnancy, as well as medical assistance and monitoring
  • Child delivery (by natural means or by cesarean section)

You may be required to pay for a surrogate mother's child's nanny in the last months of pregnancy, additional medical treatments, psychological counseling, and legal representation if necessary. The overall cost of the program is pre-agreed and written into the contract.

Why is Ukraine the best alternative for Surrogacy in Germany?

When it comes to assisted reproduction, Ukraine is one of just a few nations in the world where nearly all procedures are permitted. If you're unable to conceive naturally, IVF and surrogacy are two of the most common types of artificial insemination (ART).

More than 12,000 children have been born in Ukraine as a result of more than 30 private reproductive technology clinics. It is not uncommon for couples from all over the world to travel to Ukraine in order to obtain ART services of the highest quality while also avoiding legal entanglements back home.

Fertility treatment in Ukraine has several advantages, including:

Best in class medical support and care

The Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine, which hosts yearly international congresses on reproductive medicine, unites the majority of the country's ART facilities. It is illegal to provide infertility therapy outside of medical facilities that have been accredited by the government.


Fertility treatment programs in Ukraine are among the most affordable in the world. For couples who cannot afford surrogate mother services in their native countries, the pricing is relatively reasonable.


Surrogacy is permitted in Ukraine, however only heterosexual married couples are allowed to pursue their parental aspirations via surrogacy. The rights and duties of programme participants are safeguarded by a contract in place in ART facilities. The amount of money that a surrogate mother can be paid is unrestricted by law.


The utilization of a surrogate mother comes as an option for women who are unable to carry and give birth to a child on her own. The patient's eggs may not be appropriate for IVF, or they may be entirely missing. Oocytes donated by other women are used in these cases.

It is now possible for Ukrainian women who have been diagnosed with a severe illness to become mothers thanks to the legalisation of egg donation and surrogacy.

Complications regarding Legal parenthood of the born child

The cost of the surrogacy program includes legal help and the execution of the documentation for a baby. The baby's birth certificate includes the names of his or her biological parents right away. No parental rights are granted to the surrogate mother, and she has no legal recourse if she so chooses.

How Miracle baby surrogacy can assist you?

At Miracle baby surrogacy, we are backed by years of expertise and experience in the ART domain. Besides, we have partnered with some of the best sperm banks and databases for surrogate mothers and oocyte donors, which are used by many Ukrainian fertility clinics.

There are several infertility treatment options available for any couple or individual who want to realize their parenthood dreams via surrogacy. So what are you waiting for? Connect with one of our client coordinators today for a free consultation!