Surrogacy is not permissible in Italy as of now. Besides, all kinds of advertisements, practices, and related activities to surrogacy in Italy may attract severe punishments under Italian law.

So, regardless of whether you are looking for surrogacy for LGBT couples in Italy or Surrogacy for single men in Italy, you may have to look forward to other countries around the world.

As a result, many couples or individuals prefer to begin on a surrogacy journey in other countries like Albania, Georgia, and so on, despite the concerns surrounding the legal consequences of this choice after they return to Italy.

While various principles governing paternity by natural reproduction or by ART are defined in the Italian Civil Code and Law 40/2004, no Italian statute specifies any parentage principle relevant to Italian persons undertaking surrogacy overseas, and the legal recognition of their children is sometimes laden with legal issues.

Surrogacy in Albania is a perfect alternative for people looking for surrogacy in Italy!

Surrogacy in Albania is a relatively new concept and the country doesn’t have any regulations in the same context. Eventually, various surrogacy agencies emerged offering similar services to European visitors.

However, after studying the legal backdrop of such action, we were unable to reach a definitive determination concerning the legitimacy of such therapy. Furthermore, a lack of information regarding the real implementation of such processes raises fair worries about the openness of the operation of clinics and organizations that provide surrogacy services.

Yet, by just getting associated with the highly ethical and affordable surrogacy services of Miracle Baby surrogacy, you can proceed with your parental aspirations in Albania without any hassles.

Points to ponder during Surrogacy in Albania

The surrogacy agreement is the only contract that will govern the relationship between the prospective parents and the surrogate mother in Albania. However, it is unclear if such an agreement might stay enforceable in the future, in case the surrogate mother refuses to hand over the child.

Furthermore, because there is no established procedure for obtaining a birth certificate in the case of a baby born via surrogacy, we can only assume that the civil birth certificate is issued in the name of the woman who delivered the baby (the surrogate mother), and either the name of the child's genetic father or the surrogate's spouse.

If you plan to have a child through surrogacy in Albania, we firmly advise that you see a lawyer beforehand. Before deciding on any type of infertility treatment overseas, we think it's critical to have a thorough understanding of the entire process.

How to register for surrogacy in Albania?

Birth certificates supplied by hospitals are required for civil registry registration, which must be done within seven days of delivery. Due to surrogacy being in the same bracket as adoption, both biological fathers and surrogate mothers are included on this birth certificate.

A written consent from surrogate mother will be obtained at the same time, in case the partner or spouse later decides they wish to adopt the kid and return to their country of origin.

What types of surrogacy practiced in Albania?

Albania is one of the only countries where gestational or complete surrogacy is permitted, which means the surrogate mother does not contribute genetic material to the child.

Intentional parents or a donor must supply the same genetic material. When a donor is utilised, it must only be an egg donor, as there is no court punishment in this nation and paternity must be proven by filiations.

Health-conscious women between the ages of 18 and 26 make up the bulk of the donors, and they are rigorously examined by doctors to ensure that they are in excellent health.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Albania?

Surrogacy costs in Albania may depend on a list of elements and variables. It further depends on the type of surrogacy plan selected by the Intended parents. This may include the number of IVF cycles included, cost incurred for the egg donation and so on.

Benefits of choosing Surrogacy in Albania over Surrogacy in Italy

  • Surrogacy can be pursued by married couples, unmarried couples, and single males unlike Italy where neither type of surrogacy plans i.e surrogacy for same sex in Italy or surrogacy for single men in italy , are permitted.
  • The cost of surrogacy is much lower in comparison to the cost of surrogacy in Italy.
  • It is possible to find egg donation programs that allow for an infinite number of embryo transfers and in vitro fertilization attempts
  • A variety of insurances are offered in various schemes; these include insurance for the birth of a child with problems, insurance for surrogate mother or donor's death, and so on. So that no matter what happens, you may accomplish your ambition of being a parent.

Regardless of what options you choose over Surrogacy in Italy, we at Miracle Baby surrogacy would help you during every stage of your surrogacy journey. Right from the first enquiry till the handover of the child, you will find our experts helping you with all the required support and assistance.

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