Surrogacy is permissible in UK as per law, yet you cannot advertise or commercialize surrogacy as a service. To take a better understanding of all the related aspects and variables of surrogacy in UK, please go through the pointers mentioned below.

How much surrogacy cost in UK?

It is a widely held myth that paying a UK surrogate more than her reasonable expenses is prohibited in the United Kingdom. A criminal offense of this nature does not exist in the United Kingdom. Before a court may impose a parental order it must approve payments of more than reasonable expenditures.

When it comes to acceptable surrogacy cost in UK, there is no predetermined amount that the court can allow, therefore the judge has to assess what is appropriate in each case and often takes a more relaxed approach.

In International surrogacy cases, the High Court has a history of retroactively approving payments in access to surrogate mother cost in UK. An important consideration for the court is whether or not there has been any exploitation or attempt to get around the provisions of the Child Protective Services Act (CPSA). However, a court has never refused to issue a parental order because the amount paid was excessive.

Can you pursue surrogacy via a surrogacy clinics in UK?

Third parties receiving remuneration for arranging surrogacy in UK is a criminal offence, however non-profit organizations are protected from this rule. So, if you are dealing with a non-profit surrogacy clinic in UK, you can proceed with your plans in the same context.

While doing that, you must remember that it is not allowed to promote or advertise in order to:

  • Trying to find a gestational carrier
  • Act as a surrogate for someone else.
  • Someone willing to assist in the drafting of a surrogacy contract (not applicable to non-profit surrogacy clinics in UK)

If the ad is placed by someone in the United Kingdom and can be viewed in the United Kingdom, the legislation applies to the ad both online and in print. The same rules apply to the UK's ad publishers.

Points to ponder while pursuing surrogacy in UK

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority's Code of Practice outlines the responsibilities of UK fertility clinics when it comes to surrogacy.

When undergoing infertility treatment in a UK-licensed fertility clinic, patients are subject to different restrictions regarding legal parenthood.

Surrogate mother stays as the legal parent of the born child

To be a legal parent, she and her husband (or wife/civil partner) must be married to one other. When the surrogate's spouse/civil partner does not consent, Form LC can be completed by the surrogate to explain the situation.

In order to prevent a spouse from being considered a legal parent, a form called Form LC cannot be used on a regular basis, but it can be used in cases where the spouse actually does not consent (e.g. if the surrogate and her spouse are separated).

Second parents can be chosen if the surrogate is not married (or if her spouse does not agree to the conception). No HFEA parenthood documents are signed by the biological father; hence he is legally the father of the child during the surrogacy process in UK.

By way of HFEA Forms SWP and SPP, the other parent can be nominated by the intended mother or the non-biological father. It is not possible to name the surrogate's sibling, parent, kid, or aunt/uncle as the other parent because the forms must be signed after counseling and before pregnancy.

Other key elements

When a surrogate mother receives donated eggs and sperm, she is protected by the HFEA in the same way. Therefore, embryos (or sperm) from either parent must be quarantined for a sufficient amount of time to ensure they are clear of infections that could be transmitted to the child. Many facilities provide a shorter quarantine period of up to six months during surrogacy treatment in UK.

Responsibilities of IVF clinics in UK

In order for IVF clinics in UK to proceed with surrogacy process in UK, the intending parents, the surrogate, and her husband or partner must sign the necessary consent forms. Forms for surrogacy are available from the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority.

Every party involved in the surrogacy arrangement needs to be provided with the given counseling. This counseling is focused towards providing a clearer and better picture of roles and responsibilities of every person or entity involved in surrogacy in UK.