Important: Due to the current political conflict in Ukraine, we won’t recommend you to proceed with your surrogacy aspirations as of now. However, as situations goes to normalcy, you can always connect with our client coordinators to get the best quote and advice regarding surrogacy in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, you can read about all the critical aspects of surrogacy in Ukraine that may prove fruitful in your future surrogacy journey.

What you need to know about surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is now the most cost-effective, legal, and stable option for childless couples who want to start a family of their own. Yet, the intended parents must know that only heterosexual married couples are allowed to proceed with surrogacy in Ukraine.

On the other side, if you are looking for surrogacy for same sex in Ukraine, you may have to opt for other destinations like Georgia.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine?

Surrogacy clinics in Ukraine offer a list of services and treatment options. The medical staff at most private clinics has received their training in Europe and the United States, and they use modern equipment and follow Western medical protocols.

For the Intended Parents' convenience, surrogacy providers in Ukraine offer a la carte services, with extremely low prices and 'concierge' services that can be customized to fit their specific needs. In many cases, special pricing is available. The "guarantee" programs offered by some clinics include unlimited IVF cycles and embryo transfers until a healthy pregnancy and birth are achieved.

Hence, we can say that surrogacy treatment costs in Ukraine would mostly depend on a number of aspects like the number of IVF cycles performed, egg and sperm donor inclusion, medical costs, and so on.

Understanding the surrogacy process in Ukraine

Getting started!

This will involve your initial contact over phone/ message / email with one of our client coordinators. Here, you will get to know about all the available possibilities and procedures in regards to surrogacy treatment in Ukraine.

Connecting with our team!

Our multilingual case managers are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding surrogacy process in Ukraine, as well as to assist you in selecting the best package to meet your specific requirements.

Discussing the legal aspects!

We will then discuss all the legal aspects on course to your journey at surrogacy in Ukraine. Besides, you will get to know your rights and responsibilities while entering into a surrogacy contract with the surrogate mother.

Kick starting your surrogacy journey!

Your arrival in Kiev will be smoother after signing the Consultancy Agreement. We can help you find an egg donor if you're not using your own oocytes, or you can search our database for someone who is willing to donate their eggs if that is what you prefer.

Visiting the country!

You will then visit the surrogacy clinics in Ukraine for further procedures, where you'll meet with the doctor, drop off a sperm sample, meet with the lawyer, and sign the remaining programme paperwork.

Starting the IVF process

You'll need to spend 15-16 days in Kiev if you're having IVF done with your own oocytes. A stimulation process and egg retrieval will take place during this time, after which embryologists will create embryos that are ready for implantation in the surrogate mother's uterus.

Confirmation of pregnancy

After confirming the surrogate's pregnancy, we'll begin the pregnancy monitoring programme for her. It is likely that your case manager will keep you regularly apprised of any relevant analyses, and you'll be able to track your baby's development over the next few months.

Child Birth

It’s time to welcome your most awaited happiness! You'll return to Kiev a few weeks before your due date for the birth of your child! We will assist you in preparing for your return to your native country by assisting you with all of your paperwork.

Points to ponder while opting for surrogacy in Ukraine

The following guidelines should be followed by anyone considering surrogacy in Ukraine:

  • Be wary of any options that appear to operate in a legal grey area, and always follow local laws. Don’t fall for claims that recognize surrogacy for same sex in Ukraine or surrogacy for single men in Ukraine.
  • Always opt for a reputed surrogacy consultants or surrogacy clinics in Ukraine like Miracle baby surrogacy
  • Stay away from referral fees and other forms of compensation from clinics.
  • Beware of agents and entities that offer you cheap surrogacy treatment in Ukraine. Surrogacy is a cost effective program and surrogacy treatment cost in Ukraine depends on a list of aspects mentioned above.
  • When looking for a surrogacy agency, look for a general practice fertility clinic that performs a wide range of fertility procedures, not just surrogacy.

To make it easier and simpler for you, we at miracle baby surrogacy offers the most ethical and affordable surrogacy options to every intended couple or individual. Connect with one of our client coordinators today for a free consultation!