Becoming a surrogate mother is a feeling like no other. You are helping someone in creating a family and bringing the child they've always wished for into the world. On the other side, becoming a surrogate mother in Argentina is a responsibility and one must be mentally and physically prepared for the entire task.

If you're interested in becoming a surrogate mother in Argentina, you must know that the job is not for everyone. In order to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties involved, a prospective surrogate must be fully prepared before she begins the surrogacy process in Argentina.

As a result, gestational surrogate candidates must meet certain requirements to ensure that they are both medically and emotionally prepared for the journey ahead.

Because the qualifications of gestational surrogates vary a great deal in various surrogacy clinics in Argentina, we recommend that you speak with our client coordinators in the same respect.

Pre-requisites to become a surrogate mother in Argentina

Many professionals follow the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's guidelines when it comes to the qualifications of gestational carriers, but this is not required by law. These standards, developed by experts in the field of assisted reproduction, will help women succeed in their future reproductive endeavors.

Physical Requirements to become a surrogate mother in Argentina

Pregnancy, as you are well aware, can be challenging and dangerous. A pregnancy that you carry for someone else is no different from a pregnancy of your own. In order to be a surrogate mother in Argentina, you must be physically fit enough to carry a gestational pregnancy with minimal risk to both you and the baby.

To ensure a surrogate's ability to safely carry a child, we have listed several physical requirements for the potential surrogate mothers.

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 40.
  • Have a BMI that is within the normal range, as determined by your physician.
  • At least one pregnancy has been successfully carried to term.
  • Take on the role of parent and care for a child in your own home.
  • You've had no major issues with previous pregnancies.
  • You must stop taking any antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication for a period of twelve months.
  • Having no new tattoos or piercings within a year of beginning the process is required.

You may be a good candidate for surrogacy if you meet these basic requirements. Professionals can make exceptions for surrogates on a case-by-case basis and are always worth talking to, even if you don't meet all of the requirements.

Psychological Requirements to become surrogate mother in Argentina

A surrogate's eligibility is more than just a matter of meeting medical standards. Before embarking on this journey, any woman considering it should be aware of the emotional and psychological difficulties that await her.

When you become a surrogate mother, you and your family agree to a year-long partnership with the parents of the child you are carrying. To help them become parents, you'll have to sacrifice a lot of your own time and energy.

As your pregnancy progresses, you'll need to set up meetings and phone calls with your intended parents to keep them updated on your progress. You and your spouse need to be prepared for the additional stress that being a surrogate may put on your daily routine.

Being pregnant comes with its own set of challenges, including adjusting to the hormonal (and emotional) shifts that come with it. You may experience conflicting feelings during your pregnancy, even if it's rare for a surrogate to become "adopted" by the child she is carrying. You can better handle this if you're in a good emotional place before you begin.

Our professionals at Miracle baby surrogacy will be able to tell you exactly what to expect and how to deal with any challenges you may face.

The screening process for Surrogate mothers in Argentina

Before a surrogacy specialist can answer any of your remaining questions, you'll need to fill out some preliminary application paperwork to verify your eligibility. The medical and psychological screening process is required before you can become a surrogate.

Both of these tests confirm your ability to carry a child. To begin, a mental health professional will conduct a psychological evaluation of you and your spouse. With that in mind, they'll want to know how you plan to deal with any potential difficulties that may arise.

Before beginning surrogacy in Argentina, you will undergo a final medical screening. This will prove that you are physically and medically able to carry a pregnancy to full term. You'll be able to sign your surrogacy contract after you've been approved for surrogacy.

Surrogate mother qualifications can be learned by speaking with one of our surrogacy professionals. They'll be able to answer all of your questions and confirm whether or not surrogacy is the right choice for you and your family.