Surrogacy in Colombia comes as a better option for every intended parent, regardless of their sexual orientation. It's a lesser expensive alternative than surrogacy in the USA. So, thousands of couples choose this nation as their preferred surrogacy option.

Colombia is a clear choice for intended parents seeking a surrogate because of the greater number of options available in Colombia than in any other country. Also, gay couples, single men, and single women are all eligible for surrogacy under this program.

Because of its lower cost of living and extensive progress in infertility treatments and medicines, Colombia is slowly rising as one of the most preferred foreign destinations for IVF.

Yet, before making a final decision on surrogate mothers in Colombia, as with any other destination, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the country's legal guidelines, contract agreements, procedures, surrogate arrangements, donor arrangements, process, success rates, and program costs. Doing that, you will also feel much better and be able to follow the surrogacy process much more easily.

What Intended parents must know?

Colombia's constitution is strict and protects everyone's rights in relation to surrogacy treatment in Colombia. As a result, Colombia welcomes all intended (heterosexual, same-sex, single) couples under the age of 50, whether married or not.

Besides, Article 100 of the Colombian Constitution grants equal civil rights and guarantees to Intended Foreigners couples, same-sex, single parents, married or unmarried, married or unmarried.

Still, one needs to meet the following criteria beforehand:

  • Only Altruistic surrogacy is permissible in Colombia and, the surrogate mother receives compensation for her time and efforts.
  • Surrogate eggs should not be used in IVF.
  • A surrogate mother must not be coming along with any psychological issues that may cause any issues in her pregnancy
  • A surrogate mother is compensated, educated, and financially supported even though the parameter states that surrogacy is altruistic.

What are the pre-requisites to become surrogate mother in Colombia?

  • To be eligible, she must be between the ages of 21 and 37.
  • Must have carried One or more children of her own in the past
  • She must have a clean medical history and have given birth to a healthy baby.
  • If she wants to be a surrogate, she must have signed an agreement and given permission to do so.
  • The surrogate is in good health, both physically and psychologically.
  • There are numerous psychological and medical treatments she must undergo before embryo implantation as well as a variety of medical screenings before, during and after the pregnancy

How to proceed in relation to surrogate mother in Colombia?

Couples considering surrogacy can save money by using a relative, friend, or previously used surrogate as a surrogate mother in Colombia. If this is the case, we at Miracle baby surrogacy will match you with the ideal surrogate mother.

Our team consists of highly trained and knowledgeable Doctors with decades of combined experience in the field of in vitro fertilization. Besides, our experts thoroughly verify and screen the surrogates to ensure that they have a high chance of becoming pregnant.

It is our goal to provide you with a beautiful child that completes your family so that you can begin the surrogacy process in Colombia without any hassles. Furthermore, while we understand that Colombia's constitution doesn’t allow the surrogate mother in Colombia to use her own eggs in IVF, one has to bring an egg donor into the picture.

Which situations call for the utilization of Donor Eggs during the surrogacy process?

Donor eggs are used by intended mothers who are unable to conceive naturally due to advanced reproductive age, whose egg quality is poor, who have genetic abnormalities, and who have previously undergone surgery or other medical conditions. The donor's identity is protected by Colombian law. Additionally, they must meet the ART guidelines for donating gametes.

Donating eggs is a common practice in Colombia, where it is well-respected and well-maintained by respected and experienced surrogacy clinics in Colombia. It offers the highest level of excellence, empathy, and compassion to couples who are considering egg donation and promises to make their sacrifices a reality.

For those who have difficulty finding the right donor or are unsure of how to proceed, we got your back. All of your questions will be answered by our surrogacy professionals, and you'll be given a healthy donor to look forward to.

There is a large pool of healthy, intelligent, and positive egg donors available at our partner IVF clinics and agencies in Colombia. In order to ensure a high success rate, our professionals select all of the donors based on their highest reproductive age.

Guidelines to be followed in case of Egg donation process

  • Before accepting donor eggs, our partner surrogacy clinic in Colombia and specialists conducts a detailed list of tests and screenings, including the following:
  • Test and screenings as per the regulations by North and South American assisted reproductive organizations
  • Egg donors must be tested and screened for STDs, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C before donation
  • To avoid genetic elated health issues, donor histories are examined.
  • Also, if you're willing to donate an egg to help a couple in need, our specialists would help you at every stage. Human reproduction experts at Miracle baby surrogacy provide the most cutting-edge medical care, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those hoping to start a family and realise their dreams of becoming parents.

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