When you consider becoming a surrogate mother in Georgia, you know that you are going to help someone realize their lifelong dream. On the one hand, you must prepare for the big role of assisting someone with their parenthood requirements while still managing your daily life. So, as a surrogate mother, you should feel proud of yourself for carrying someone else’s baby to term in your womb.

On the other hand, you must prepare extensively before getting on board with the role of a surrogate mother and you must be physically and mentally qualified for the task. Furthermore, you must first register with us in the same regard, and must also be ready to go through the screening and diagnosis process via our partner surrogacy clinics in Georgia.

Here, we are discussing certain key considerations that an Intended parent must make before finalizing a surrogate mother for their respective requirements

The surrogate mother screening procedure

Before you begin looking for the best surrogacy clinic in Georgia, you must first determine what criteria they use to recruit surrogate mothers. These requirements are in place to protect both the surrogate mother and the future baby's health and overall well-being. Although the conditions for being a surrogate mother vary depending on the surrogacy agency in Georgia, the following are the common requirements:

  • The surrogate mother must be between the age of 21 and 45 years
  • They must have a BMI of 30 or lower.
  • They must not smoke or be under the influence of any illegal drugs.
  • They must not be receiving any government support.
  • Must have borne at least one successful pregnancy with a total of no more than five vaginal births or three cesarean deliveries
  • Should’ve started raising a child a long time ago.
  • Must not have had any difficulties in past pregnancies.
  • For at least 12 months, they must be clear of any treatable STDs.
  • There must not be any signs or symptoms of postpartum depression.
  • For at least 12 months after the surrogacy period, no antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs may be used.
  • They must not have had a tattoo or piercing in the previous 12 months.
  • Willingness to travel over the next six months is required.
  • They must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The surrogacy clinic in Georgia will then move on to the medical screening and diagnostic after the surrogate mother has completed the qualification process. Although it may differ depending on the surrogacy agency you work with.

Step by Step process to enroll surrogate mother in Georgia

Application: The first step is to complete an application that includes the surrogate mother’s personal information as well as all of the relevant information from the physician or doctor

Social and Medical check: The same application must include all of the surrogate mother’s social and medical history, which is vital to the surrogacy process.

A physical examination: After that, a fertility expert from our partner surrogacy clinic will do a physical checkup to ascertain any physical abnormalities

Background checks: A comprehensive set of criminal records and background checks will then be conducted for the surrogate mother in Georgia.

Mental health evaluation: A complete mental health evaluation by a psychologist will be part of this process, and he or she will be available to you throughout the pre-surrogacy time.

How does it work?

In terms of Surrogacy in Georgia, like Ukraine, has chosen to legislate surrogacy. Many surrogate moms from Georgia, as well as most of the surrounding states, work with our partner surrogacy clinics. Furthermore, we always ensure a detailed process for intended parents and surrogates to interact.

The first step in choosing a surrogate mother match is to figure out what you're looking for in a surrogate mother in Georgia, how you want to interact with your surrogate, and what you want to get out of your surrogacy journey.

When considering what you're looking for, the more honest you are, the better your match will be. If you choose Miracle Baby surrogacy, our Program Coordination Team will take care of all your requirements and needs in the same regard.

You'll be asked to complete an intended parent profile, which will help our Program Coordination Team identify your surrogate match while also allowing us to get to know you better.