While surrogacy is only accessible to married heterosexual couples in Ukraine, we must know that surrogate mothers play a critical role in the overall process. So, they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and care because of their selfless services to realize the parenthood dreams of the intended parents.

Hence, if you are a surrogate mother who intends to help a couple in their parental aspirations via a surrogacy program in Ukraine at Miracle Baby surrogacy, you must read this piece of information till end.

Mental and Emotional Well-Being of Surrogate mothers

If you are a potential surrogate mother in Ukraine, you must know that mental, emotional, and psychological well-being is just as essential as your physical health.

In spite of the popular perception that being pregnant is a happy time, many women go through an emotional roller coaster as their bodies adapt to accommodate the new life they are growing inside of them.

At Miracle Baby surrogacy, we ensure that every surrogate mother has access to the support and guidance she needs at all times, via our partner surrogacy clinics in Ukraine. We further keep a close eye on their well-being along the way via:

  • Pregnancy care coordinators that are available around the clock
  • Keep in touch with surrogate mother in Ukraine and their loved ones to ensure that they have the comfort and encouragement they require.
  • Involvement in activities they enjoy, as well as encouragement and support to do so
  • Highlighting their significance to us and the future parents
  • Providing medical care and counseling to the new family post and pre birth of the child
  • Therapies to treat Stress and anxiety treatment
  • Keeping minimal waiting and appointment time frames

For every surrogate mother's comfort and safety, we further ensure that she receives the care and attention she needs before, during, and after her pregnancy with the baby.

Advocating a healthy way of life

A healthy lifestyle for the surrogate mother in Ukraine and the baby is mutually beneficial. Every surrogate mother at Miracle baby surrogacy receives health-oriented education that encourages her to lead a healthy lifestyle. We further motivate surrogate mothers in Ukraine to:

  • Stay away from any addiction to alcohol and cigarettes
  • Make sure of getting enough rest and sleep
  • Opt for Walking and light exercises for better health
  • Take care of her personal hygiene

Discussing these issues with our surrogate mothers will help them develop positive self-perceptions and increase their likelihood of successfully carrying out a healthy, full-term pregnancy. As a reminder of the importance of rest and relaxation, it's important to take breaks throughout the day or even get to bed early.

Another way to reduce stress is to avoid letting work overwhelm them or to engage in some light exercise. Mild exercise and walking can improve the mother's mood and alleviate back pain and constipation while keeping their weight in a healthy range when approved by a medical professional.

Surrogate mothers in Ukraine are required to submit to random alcohol/tobacco tests and regular physical examinations as part of their training to ensure they are living up to the standards set forth by the program.

Tracking Your Diet

Proper nutrition is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. As the surrogate mother in Ukraine will be carrying the baby, she must take care of her own health in order to avoid complications such as miscarriage and brain hypoxia.

A lack of oxygen in the brain has been linked to a variety of neuropsychological issues, including difficulty concentrating or learning, dyslexia, and a delayed psychological development. Besides educational trainings, we also offer educational programmes to explain the importance of proper nutrition for both the mother and the baby via our partner clinics.

Testing for Genetic Conditions

Every surrogate mother in Ukraine will undergo a triple marker genetic test in the 16th or 17th week of pregnancy. Prenatal genetic screening is available at the 10th week of pregnancy with the "PRENA" test, which has a 60 to 70 percent accuracy rate.

The cost of this genetic test is extra, but it has a 99 percent accuracy guarantee. A blood sample will be sent to the surrogacy clinics in Ukraine for testing and the results will be made available in the stipulated time.

Child birth

Some women deliver quickly, while others take longer to give birth, and each woman will experience labour and delivery in a unique way that is both physically and emotionally taxing. There is a lot of fear and anxiety surrounding childbirth because it is largely unknown how a woman will experience it. In order to prevent the release of additional stress hormones and more painful labor, Miracle Baby surrogacy provides pre-labor educational training to expectant mothers via our partner clinics.

Although our surrogate mothers are well-versed in this process, this training helps them to feel more confident and in control of their experience. With four daily meals in a private maternity hospital, they will receive the best possible nutrition and care during labor and the birth of their child.

Surrogate mother cost in Ukraine

Surrogate mother cost in Ukraine would be included in the overall cost of surrogacy in Ukraine. In fact, as an intended parent, you can track and monitor every aspect involved in the same process.

A surrogate mother in Ukraine has to fulfill the qualification criteria in terms of her age, health, and other key aspects. Afterward, she can get on board to surrogacy process in Ukraine after conducting random health and background checks.

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