Searching for a surrogate mother in USA requires some good time and effort from the intended parents. In addition, the legal process related to surrogacy differs by state. Regardless, you and your partner have the option of using a surrogate if you are having issues with conception or have another reason for doing so.
Still, before putting your first foot forward in the same regard, you must take a deep dive into all the related concepts and elements related to surrogate mother.

Who is a Surrogate mother?

Depending on the state you are pursuing surrogacy in, there are two types of surrogates:

Traditional surrogate

The traditional surrogate gets implanted with the father's sperm artificially and would then be carrying the child to term. After the child’s birth, she will hand over the baby to the intended parents.

The surrogate mother still stays as a biological mother of a child in this kind of surrogacy arrangement. This is because the father's sperm is used to fertilize the egg. Besides, a sperm donor ( in case the intended father has some issues related to his sperm quality or motility) can also be brought into the picture.

Gestational surrogates

Given the inception of “in vitro fertilization" (IVF), it is now feasible to use an egg donor (or the mother's own eggs) to get fertilized eggs for the conception process. A fertility expert will fertilize those eggs in the lab( along with the intended father’s sperm), and then transfer the same to the womb of the gestational surrogate.

The baby is then carried by the surrogate until it is born. Because it wasn't her egg that was used to develop the embryo, she will not have any biological link with the born child.

"Birth mother" is the term used to describe a gestational surrogate. However, the woman whose egg was fertilized remains the child's biological mother.

Legally, gestational surrogacy in the United States is less complicated. The reason for this is that the child has links to both of the parents' ancestors. Thus, gestational surrogacy has overtaken conventional surrogacy in popularity across every part of the globe.

Who all need the services of a surrogate mother in USA?

The inclusion of a surrogate mother in USA is subject to a list of factors and aspects. Most of the intended parents opt for a surrogate mother in case :

  • Intended mother has some medical issues related to her womb
  • Her uterus was removed during a hysterectomy.
  • She is undergoing conditions such as serious heart disease that makes her incapable of carrying a pregnancy
  • The intended mother has tried and failed to conceive using assisted reproduction procedures like IVF

People who might not be able to adopt a child due to their age or marital status can now become parents via the employment of surrogates.

It is possible for homosexual men to utilize a conventional surrogate, in which one of them uses his or her sperm to artificially inseminate the egg of the surrogate. The surrogate mother then gives birth to the baby.

Another option for homosexual couples is to use an egg donor, fertilise the given egg, and then implant the embryo into a gestational surrogate who will then carry the child to term.

Searching the surrogate mother

In order to find a surrogate mother in USA, there are a number of options. You can either connect with someone in your friend and family network or either connects with a surrogacy agency for the entire search task.

Connections from friends and family network

You may be able to ask a family member or acquaintance to serve as a surrogate. Although surrogacy in USA is a bit cost- effective and has a number of legal complexities, a well-established familial bond can be easier to handle in this context.

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, surrogates can have specific types of familial links. However, it is typically discouraged if the infant would inherit the same genes as a child born of incest between close relatives.

Connecting with a Surrogacy agency

To find a gestational surrogate, a majority of individuals opt for surrogacy agencies in USA. These Surrogacy agencies assist you find a surrogate and make the required arrangements. If you've agreed to pay for the surrogate's medical care or other costs, you can do so through the agency.

Finalizing the Surrogate Mother

There are no restrictions on who can serve as a surrogate mother at this time. Yet, she must qualify through some of the criterions mentioned below:

  • Surrogate mother must be over 21 years of age
  • She should’ve previously given birth to a child without any medical complications
  • Surrogate mother must agree to consult with a mental health specialist who’ll conduct a test to see if the mother is able to give birth to a healthy kid.
  • She must also be ready to sign a contract detailing her obligations during the pregnancy, such as prenatal care and agreeing to deliver the baby to intended parents after delivery

Screening the Surrogate mother in USA

In order to ensure a safe, full-term pregnancy, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine advises surrogates to undergo a medical evaluation. The organisation recommends that people obtain testing for infectious illnesses such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV, CMV, and hepatitis B and C.

Tests for immunity to measles, rubella (German measles), and chickenpox should be performed on surrogates. A medical technique to visually "map" the uterus can assist the doctor determine a woman's ability to carry a baby; therefore you might suggest that they get it done. While pregnant, surrogate mothers must continually stay connected with the physician.

Surrogacy in USA may cost you around $80,000 to $120,000. If the surrogates have their own medical insurance or if you need to purchase surrogacy-pregnancy coverage for them, the surrogate mother cost in USA will shoot up to a big extent.

Legal complications associated with Surrogate mother in USA

Surrogacy is not illegal in USA under the federal law, and state regulations vary widely. In certain states, gaining legal possession of a child after a surrogate pregnancy may still need going through the adoption process. In some places, you can avoid having to "adopt" a child if you make a "declaration of parentage" before to birth.

Hire a legal attorney who specializes in reproductive law in your state to safeguard your rights as future parents and the rights of your future child. Surrogacy contracts, on the other hand, would explicitly outline what each party is expected to accomplish.

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