Surrogacy is a wonderful option for same-sex parents who are ready to expand their families. This path to parenthood allows members of the LGBT community to fulfill their parenting dreams while maintaining a genetic link to their children.

We are happy to offer service to same sex couples or single men and woman. Intended parents’ marital status and sexual orientation does not have any impact on their surrogacy experience.

Our agency incorporates all aspects of the gay surrogacy process into one centralized location: Dedicated Experts, Physicians, Surrogates, Egg Donors, Surrogacy, Egg Donor Contract Attorneys and Fertility Laboratories. This tight integration of services allows those considering this parenthood option the ability to have all of their questions, needs and desires addressed by a sensitive, highly skilled and knowledgeable staff dedicated to assuring that the complex route to gay parenthood is an anxiety free, joyful experience.

The process for gay surrogacy is very similar to any other surrogacy process. It starts with selecting egg donor. Like anyone selecting an egg donor, gay singles and couples review egg donor databases and look for a young woman who meets certain critieria. They may choose an egg donor based on her appearance, her intelligence, her artistic and athletic ability; perhaps they will select someone who looks like one of them or resembles a close family friend. Lastly, they may select an egg donor once they meet her and like her in person, should they decide to connect in person.

Once an egg donor is selected, the intended parents must decide who will be the biological father. Many gay couples desire two children, in which case they will create embryos using the same egg donor and the biology from each of the dads.

Half of the eggs will be fertilized with one dad's biology and the other half with the second dad's. From there, the intended parents may try for twins -- one child from each of their biologies. Or they will decide which dad will be the first biological father, and the other dad will be the biological dad of the second child. Occasionally, one dad wishes to be a biological dad more than the other, and they just use the biology of one dad for one or two kids.

• Surrogacy can fulfill prospective parents’ lifelong dreams of completing their families.
• Surrogacy allows same-sex couples to have children with a biological connection to one or both parents.
• Many surrogates are specifically interested in helping same-sex couples become parents.