Surrogacy in Albania is slowly becoming a viable option for couples and individuals that are looking for ethical and affordable surrogacy options in and around Europe. While most of them want to realize their parenthood dreams via surrogacy, they are unable to achieve the same result due to random reasons like high surrogacy costs, a ban on surrogacy for gay couples, and so on.

Surrogacy in Albania is unregulated; so we can say that it is neither approved nor banned within the legal territories of the country. Yet, if you are an intended parent or a surrogate mother, we advise you to connect with a reputed surrogacy agency in Albania like Miracle Baby surrogacy.

Besides, you must take a detailed insight into every component, element, and aspect involved in the surrogacy treatment process in Albania.

Overviewing Surrogacy in Albania

As mentioned above, Albania has no laws governing surrogacy, so it is neither legal nor illegal here. Surrogacy is therefore available to anyone and everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

The cost of surrogacy in Albania is significantly lower than in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Due to its close proximity to other European countries, Albania has become a popular destination for couples seeking surrogacy.

Besides, it has become a favorable option for couples and individuals due to its low-cost surrogacy options and high-quality medical facilities.

Taking a detailed look on Surrogacy laws in Albania

Post the birth of the child via surrogacy in Albania, birth certificates from the IVF clinic are required to register the child with the civil registry. In addition, the civil registry requires that the birth certificate include the names and addresses of the parents-to-be.

What type of surrogacy is prevalent in Albania?

Only gestational surrogacy, in which the surrogate mother has no biological connection to the future child, is permitted in Albania. A surrogate mother in Albania uses the intended parents' sperm and eggs to create the embryo that is then implanted into her womb.

A person's genetic makeup is either inherited from his or her parents or acquired through a gestational surrogate. When a donor is used, the father must prove his genetic kinship with the child in order to establish parentage. Because of the lack of a proper legislation in this country, filiation must be used to establish paternity, and the father must show a genetic connection to the child. In this case, the donor can either be known or unidentified.

Women between the ages of 18 and 26 are required to be healthy egg donors in this case, which further requires a rigorous physical and mental health assessment.

The birth certificate issued by the clinic must be provided to the intended parents after the birth in order to register the child in the civil registry. The country does not have any laws against the practise of surrogacy, so both the biological father and the surrogate mother are listed on the birth certificate.

How much surrogacy cost in Albania?

The type of surrogacy consultant and agency you work with has a significant impact on the surrogacy treatment cost in Albania. Besides, the total number of IVF cycles, IVF medication costs, and the cost of a surrogate mother in Albania are some of the other key components in the same regard.

Apart from that, other costs related to logistics, travelling, lodging and so on would also add up to the total cost incurred by the intended parents.

Why you must opt for surrogacy in Albania?

  • Heterosexual couples, homosexual couples or even single men or women can pursue surrogacy in Albania
  • Surrogacy costs in Albania are significantly lower than in other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, and so on.
  • High grade medical services, along with expert medical professionals make it easy for a person ro practice surrogacy in this part of the world
  • Surrogate mothers, donors, and children are all covered under various health insurance plans.

Surrogacy in Albania: key considerations

Surrogacy is still unregulated in Albania. So you cannot simply trust any other person in your quest to realize your parenthood dreams. Hence, it is always suggested to work along with a reputed surrogacy clinic in Albania like Miracle Baby surrogacy.

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